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Is your Nationstar LEDs real or fake ?


Today , we are going to share with you how to verity the nationstar LEDs real or fake As the brand nationstar LEDs become more and more famous in all of the world during these these years. Especially for LED screens application, Nationstar LEDs became the one of the first option for bidding for many…

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Do you really know about how to purchase the LED display screen ?

Kuwait TV station

The higher brightness, the better for outdoor LED display screen ? In the entire LED display screen industry, brightness has always been the most important indicator we use to evaluate display performance, especially for outdoor purpose application . Over times, the higher brightness , the better outdoor LED display screen . Actually this is totally…

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4 steps to clean the LED electronic display

LED Electronic display

First, the cleaning of the LED module semi-finished products. When the LED module is only a semi-finished product without a shell, it needs to be cleaned with a special washing water. The LED module is stained with some washing water and then brushed with a brush to accelerate the dissolution of the rosin and the…

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What is the Grayscale for LED display ?

Grayscale for LED display

There is always the information on the parameters ” grayscale = 12bit, 14bit, 16bit, etc “, but do you really understand what is that? Unilight LED is very glad to share with you. Generally speaking, the higher bits, the richer content quality, like 16bit is better than 14bit. But the truth is the gray level…

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