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Differences Between P2 and P3 LED Walls

The terms P2 and P3 will often bump into you while researching LED Video Wall resolution. We are guessing that you have already decided to invest in display walls, but before you purchase, here’s a complete breakdown of the differences between P2 and P3 LED Walls so you meet your best fit early! Just to…

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How to Choose a LED Display For The Stadium

sport stadium outdoor LED display

Thanks to technology put to good use, watching a sport at stadiums is becoming more interactive than ever before. LED displays also play a significant role in doing that, and if you are considering filling up your stadiums, too, our post has got you covered. Because LED displays are there to keep the spectators thrilled…

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How Much Does a LED Dance Floor Cost?


From exciting concerts to lovely weddings, club events, and so much more, LED Dance Floors have made a giant leap in revolutionizing a wide range of events. However, do they cost just as luxurious as they seem? Like with most technologies ruling the current realm, LED Dance Floor screens come in various types to meet…

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How to Prolong Big LED Screen Lifespan


The introduction of LEDs in the modern era has undoubtedly brought significant changes to how we evolve. Be that large LED video wall panels, advertising billboards, or just the flat (but BIG!) tv screen at your home, LED is just everywhere where you require a large, impactful display! That said, imagine how much more of…

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Common Application of LED Outdoor Display

outdoor led display panel

Led Outdoor display have indeed taken advertising to the next level. Instead of the traditional ads that were usually seen hanging in the form of posters, vinyl, or distributed as flyers, prime locations are not studded with highly attractive LED-based advertisements. But is this the only use of that? This article will introduce you to…

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Important Factors about The Cost of LED Display Wall


Whether it’s about engaging a store’s customers or just impressing the guests at home, LED display wall are the new talk of the town when it comes to ambiance. If you are also up for installing a similar setup, its cost would probably be your main thought, and we are here to discuss exactly that.…

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Importance and Benefits of Digital Displays in Retail

LED Large Screen

Gone are the days of printed menu displays and brand wallpapers. Nowadays, digital displays are the bread and butter of retail stores. They allow retail businesses to display everything from information and adverts to videos and images. And as digital display prices are falling, more and more retail stores are snapping them up. But why…

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Things to Consider When Choosing an Outdoor LED Display

install led display

Outdoor LED display are invaluable. They allow companies to market their products, provide users with information, perform advertising, and give users relevant alerts. But these displays are expensive, which means you’ll be making a significant investment when purchasing one. So, instead of jumping the gun, consider what you need from your LED displays and then…

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Purchasing Guide for Indoor LED Display

Unilight indoor LED display video wall-1

Purchasing an indoor LED display can seem like a nightmare if you don’t know what to look for. So, it’s important to know what you want from an LED display unit before running to Walmart or Best Buy. But what if you don’t know what you want from an LED display? No worries! We’ll discuss…

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