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How to Reduce the Light Pollution of LED Electronic Screen


LED electronic screen have swiftly evolved and have now largely supplanted conventional billboards. It has rapidly become the preferred category of outdoor advertising screens thanks to the benefits of LED electronic panels with high brightness and faster refresh rate. However, the light pollution created by the excessive brightness of the LED video wall panels is…

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How to Choose an Outdoor Advertising LED Display


Outdoor Advertising LED Display are a dime a dozen nowadays. Every LED wall manufacturer seems to be hell-bent on making them, but the sudden influx of outdoor LED displays hasn’t made a dent in the average quality available on the market. The quality is still hit-and-miss. So, if you’re searching for a vivid, long-lasting outdoor…

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How to Clean LED Screen?


Think cleaning your 65-inch TV is difficult? You’re in for it with your massive LED screen display. Just think about it: your big boy is probably twice your height. It may even be bigger if you’re talking stadium-size outdoor LED displays. Wondering how you’re going to make sure there’s no dust or dirty material on…

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How to Avoid Water Leakage When Installing LED Screen Outdoor

LED screen displays are waterproof. Even a measly droplet can’t get into them. They’re sealed so tight. But what if you expose your custom LED screen to the horrible weather outside when installing it? How can you prevent water from leaking into your LED screen? You’re in luck. We’re going to cover everything (and much…

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How to Choose a Fine Pitch LED Display?


Fine Pitch LED Displays Pixel pitch determines the visual quality of your LED screen. The finer the pixels, the higher the quality, and the boxier they are, the lower the quality. But pixel density isn’t the only thing that makes your LED screen shine in a sea of shadows. The distance you’re placing the display,…

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Guide to Choose the Right LED Display Manufacturer


LED wall manufacturers seem to be popping out of the sky nowadays. They’re so many! And they produce a sea of products, most of which are mediocre. So, what can you do to find the diamond in the rough? How can you find an LED wall manufacturer that hits all your checkboxes and then some?…

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How to Improve the Clarity of LED Display


As the primary medium for advertising and information transmission, full-color LED displays are becoming increasingly popular in modern times. Furthermore, high-definition video provides a more striking visual experience, and the projected content is more lifelike. So, how can we improve the clarity of the full-color Clarity of LED Display, for instance, a digital LED billboard?…

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Common Challenges of LED Outdoor Display


Maybe you’ve seen an increase in digital signs over the years. As you drive along the highway, you may notice a giant outdoor LED wall in place of a written billboard. Or a car wash sign advertising daily specials or saying, “Come in. We’re ready to serve.” This once-utopian concept (similar to Marty McFly’s hoverboard)…

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