5G tuyere, Unilight LED is ready

 5G tuyere, Unilight is ready


From June 26 to 28, the 5G Ultra-High Definition Industry Summit and the 4th Global Virtual Reality Conference were held in MWC19 Shanghai. As the first world-class industry event of 5G commercial license, MWC19, with the theme of “All Things in Intelligence”, has conducted in-depth exchanges and comprehensive exhibitions around 5G, Internet of Things and AI industry hotspots. It presents a “technological feast” of 5G + industry innovation and integration.

At the meeting, high-end dialogues were held on “Domestic and Foreign 5G Ultra-High Definition Technology and Application” and “Looking Forward to the Future of Ultra-High Definition Content Production and Broadcasting in 5G Era”. Unilight was invited to attend and shared with the industry on the road of intellectualization of LED display screen in 5G era. The response was enthusiastic on the spot.

With the advent of 5G era, the content and application of UHD are also undergoing tremendous changes, and the requirement for the technical content of display carrier is also increasing.

At the dialogue, General Manager of Unilight shared the high-speed development of Uniligth in the LED display industry. From monochrome LED to full-color screen to microLED, from outdoor to indoor, the product form is diversified and covers plane, arc, curved screen, etc. The appearance is changed from conventional screen to transparent screen, and the resolution is from 4K to 8K, and the prospect is 16K. The change in product form has allowed Unilight to penetrate into more market segments and different industries.

The commercial use of 5G will inevitably lead to a larger scale of UHD technology and applications. How should science and technology enterprises recruit? The general manager of Unilight gave the answer to unilight: tap the potential of LED display to meet the needs of new applications. Unilight has a successful experience, using small pitch LED instead of DLP splicing, leading the field of control room change. In view of the large-scale popularization of 5G+4k, Unilight has special customization services of gamut, gray level and dynamic range: aiming at radio and television industry, Internet studio and live studio, Unilight has launched 4K and 8K LED display products with HDR, high frame rate, DCI P3, etc. In the field of film application, the technology of 5G+3D+8K LED is discussed in depth. To build a new generation of LED ultra-high definition display system.

These are the challenges conferred by the times on science and technology enterprises, and Unilight has also submitted a satisfactory answer in the technological torrent: Unilight created small pitch LED products, set up the display standard of radio and television industry, overturned the control room market; intelligent business display created the video interactive conference ecosystem; large data visualization synthesis. With the application platform, the display ecology of digital management is changing on a large scale.

Bathed in the new wave of 5G, Unilight will continue to cultivate intensively, further enhance the added value of products, and explore the way of continuous integration of 5G and LED display.