Advantage of full-color LED large screen

A, table stick advantage of full-color LED large screen:1, unit module box depicting chose high temperature painting skills, greatly advancing antirust function.2, the screen body of switch power supply using power forward, sharply decline in the power failure.3, modules, positive quality of imported glue to glue, opposite waterproof aprons, forward screen waterproof function.

installation state of LED

1,Not enough space for installation

2,High cost for installation frame

3,Difficult for maintenance


The ultra-light, ultra-thin, uniform color of the smart module significantly reduce the overall screen thickness and the overall screen weight, also save the cost of steel structures for customers, reducing the difficulty of approval, and helping customers create more attractive outdoor led displays. Good heat dissipation design, eliminating cost of air conditioners and reducing the daily electricity cost, is the best outdoor large-screen product to create landmark projects.

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