After Mercedes Benz and BMW, Volkswagen also chose the large LED screen of Unilight LED

Recently, in the multifunctional hall of the new building of Volkswagen China headquarters, a series of small pixel pitch led HD large screens made by Unilight have been put into use. In the future, they will provide high-quality visual guarantee for the brand communication, information release, product display and other related work of Volkswagen, and help the further development of Volkswagen brand in China.

As a global leading supplier of LED display applications and integrated solutions, Unilight began to explore and practice in the field of LED display automotive applications many years ago. This cooperation with Volkswagen once again proves the strength of Unilight in the field of LED display automobile application.

Outstanding product strength

With advanced display technology and excellent product design and quality, Unilight LED display has won many important awards, including “single champion product of manufacturing industry of Ministry of industry and information technology of the people’s Republic of China” and “red dot supreme Award” of Germany, creating a good reputation and brand reputation in LED industry.

This time, Unilight provides three kinds of small pixels pitch LED display screens with excellent performance and outstanding display effect, such as pitch1.2, pitch2.5 and pitch1.9, to Volkswagen’s China headquarters, which can provide perfect picture guarantee for each scene application of Volkswagen.

Rich project experience

Relying on the continuously upgraded products and the global marketing service network, Unilight LED display products and integrated solutions are widely used in global business display, stage performance, security monitoring, smart center, commercial advertising, outdoor media and other fields, and has carried out in-depth cooperation with Mercedes Benz, BMW, Hyundai, Honda and other well-known automobile brands, providing them with exhibition halls all over the world ,4S shop and press conference provide advanced LED display application and overall solution.

Customer first service attitude


In this cooperation with Volkswagen, Unilight conducted field research on the multifunctional hall of the new building of Volkswagen China headquarters, and formulated a comprehensive project plan with reference to the purpose and positioning of the LED display screen. In the process of implementation, Unilight LED  should respond in time, communicate actively and deal with properly in all links, explain and improve the key points and difficulties of the technical scheme, and organize more sales personnel, technical engineers and surrounding supporting manufacturers to hold business meetings to plan ahead and optimize in real time, so as to ensure the perfect promotion and smooth completion of the project.

With the help of the Unilight LED display screen, the multi-functional hall of the new building of Volkswagen China headquarters now has excellent brand communication, product display, information release and other capabilities. Next, we will take the LED display application project of Volkswagen China headquarters as a benchmark, and continue to promote the landing of the LED large screen in the exhibition halls and 4S stores of Volkswagen throughout the country, so as to realize the overall leap of the brand communication ability of Volkswagen and open a new vision of the brand communication.

At present, Unilight Chengdu Volkswagen LED display project has been successfully implemented, and other regions in China are also in continuous progress.

Unilight LED, which is popular with automobile brands

In addition to Volkswagen, Unilight  large LED screen is widely used in the exhibition halls, 4S shops and press conferences of Mercedes Benz, BMW, Honda and other well-known automobile brands all over the world, and has been unanimously praised by major automobile brands and consumers.


Benz exhibition hall of Indonesia International Auto Show

The small pixels pitch LED display provided by Unilight for Mercedes Benz perfectly presents the brand image and product technical advantages of Mercedes Benz with excellent picture quality, and successfully realizes the brand output of Mercedes Benz to consumers


2018·10th generation Honda product launch 

At this product conference, Unilight tailored a total of 2500 square meters of  HD large LED screen for Honda. With the high-definition image quality and fine detail performance, it shows the excellent appearance and technical advantages of the product in an all-round way.


Indonesia 2018 International Automobile Exhibition Hall

At the 2018 Indonesia International Auto Show, the 150 square meter HD LED display provided by Unilight not only creates a good exhibition environment, but also provides high-quality video guarantee for all-round display of all brands of cars.


Hyundai Automobile Exhibition Hall, Korea

Hyundai has always been a national brand that South Korea is proud of. The 500 square meter LED display screen created by Unilight for Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd. – the largest indoor display screen in South Korea at that time. It is not only a great boost to the brand communication of Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd., but also a strong proof of Unilight’s LED display strength


BMW showroom, Tokyo,Japan

As a well-known car brand in the world, BMW has always been famous for its high-end image. This time, the LED display screen manufactured by Uniight for the BMW showroom in Tokyo, with outstanding video presentation and excellent appearance design, has once again added a strong touch to BMW’s high-end image.


Dubai · GMC 4S store

Unilight’s HD  LED display screen for the Dubai GMC 4S store not only provides a good carrier for GMC brand promotion, but also provides a good information release medium for the daily operation and sales of the 4S store.


480 4S stores of GAC Honda