2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup

The 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup will officially begin on 11/21-12/18. As the largest stadium in Qatar,

Lusail Stadium is expected to hold the 2022 World Cup finals.

At the competition site, the Chinese high-tech enterprise "Unilight Technology" was indispensable. The large LED scoring screens of Unilight Technology at both ends of the stadium will light up this hot green field.

In order to provide a better experience of watching the game for all fans who pay attention to the game online and offline, the team of Unilight Technology fully considered the actual climate environment with high temperature and strong sunshine in Qatar, and customized LED display products from heat dissipation, image display and other technologies to ensure that the audience can enjoy the passion of the game 360 ° in all directions.

---The customized design of the cabinet is elegant, light and ultra-thin, which minimizes the pressure on the court structure, and improves the overall heat dissipation efficiency by more than 50%;

---Customized driver IC and chip on the screen, matched with special mask design and signal backup, are super stable, super bright and super wide viewing angle, making it easy to watch from any distances.

You are welcome to ask for a quotation from us if any new LED display projects in future.

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