Enter the General Motors Technology Center! Unilight is recognized by international brands

Recently, the Charlotte Technology Center of the global auto giant General Motors (GM) in North Carolina, the United States, was officially opened. The Unilight flip COB display solution has been successfully settled, fully meeting the operational needs of the center, and will provide support for GM's technology research and development and business expansion in the future.

The investment scale of Charlotte Technology Center is up to 45 million US dollars, which is mainly used to develop all racing related projects under General Motors, which will promote the technical transformation between the racing projects under General Motors and the mass production vehicle projects, and improve the speed and capacity of racing and vehicle production.

Based on user needs, Unilight team uses micro LED display as the display terminal to provide high-quality display guarantee for the technical center, adopts inverted COB packaging technology, integrates HDR 10 core algorithm, and is at the industry leading level in brightness, contrast, color gamut, reliability and other aspects. Once launched, it has attracted market attention, and is the best choice for control room, conference room, exhibition and high-end business LED display.

In the lobby of the Charlotte Technology Center, the exquisite and lifelike image quality of the LED display screen has received numerous praise. The 4K resolution, high brightness, high contrast, and comfortable viewing experience reveal the strong strength and high-end brand image of General Motors.

Entering the control room of the technical center, the large ultra-high definition LED screen is particularly eye-catching. This is the smart display center tailored by the Unilight team, with a full screen resolution of 11520 × 2160, Pitch 0.9 high-definition large screen, platform control system and visual display system are organically integrated to realize visual management of business operation information and comprehensive display of multi-service applications, and effectively improve the efficiency of operation management.

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