The Largest Naked Eye 3D LED Screen in Jiangxi Revitalizes the Honggutan Business District, Another Unilight Customized Virtual IP Achieves Network Red Landmark

“We hope to showcase urban culture and technological achievements in a way that combines technology and art, and enhance the attractiveness of the city”

At the end of October 2023, Nanchang

On the occasion of the "World VR Industry Conference"

Jiangxi's largest naked eye 3D screen {Autumn Water Light}

Amazing appearance at Wanda Plaza in Honggutan, Nanchang

Honggutan District in Nanchang City is a bustling core commercial district and also a core carrier area for the VR industry. During the 2023 World VR Industry Conference, a 1200 square meter Unilight LED 8K display screen lit up Wanda Plaza, making it the largest naked eye 3D screen in Jiangxi, known as the "Autumn Water Light.

During the virtual reality conference, the "Autumn Light" cycle showcases promotional videos with a sense of technological detachment. The Unilight LED display screen, with its ultra-high resolution of 8K and 10000nits brightness, presents immersive visual effects with full sensory impact, helping Nanchang create a virtual reality atmosphere and create a preferred window for outdoor media.


The Unilight LED display screen has a pitch ranging from P2.5mm to 10mm, making it widely suitable for outdoor scenes such as commercial centers and sports venues. The product comes standard with a 14bit grayscale and a 3840Hz ultra-high refresh rate, meticulously restoring color changes, ensuring a stable and seamless image with more detailed transitions.

I have a strong sense of technology, and I can only feel the real naked eye effect this time when I am out of town. "The citizens who stopped to watch expressed their special pride as Nanchang residents. The Unilight ultra clear LED screen combined with independently produced interactive digital content has attracted a lot of local media coverage, and a large number of citizens have checked in as souvenirs. This is also the charm of virtual IP.




In today's booming eyeball economy, Unilight is leveraging an integrated solution of hardware, software, content, and interaction to deliver beauty and romance through technology banquets, creating a golden sign of "virtual and reality integration" and contributing to economic and social development.