Jinan West high-speed Station, China

The largest LED screen of national high-speed railway station was unveiled, Unilight dominated Jinan West Station.

Recently, Unilight's large curved LED screen with a total area of 456 m2 was officially put into use in the waiting hall of Jinan West Railway Station. This is the largest single LED screen of high-speed railway station in China at present. Once it was unveiled, it became a unique brand landscape with strong visual impact.>

On the west side of the waiting hall of Jinan West Railway Station, the large LED screen with an area of more than a standard basketball court is full of momentum, bringing a strong sense of visual space shock. The product used in this application is Unilight LED display screen. High gray scale, high contrast, wide color gamut and large viewing angle make the LED display screen unique in terms of clarity, color level, color restoration, etc. It can not only instantly attract the attention of traveling passengers, improve brand exposure, create huge commercial value, but also bring visual enjoyment to passengers, making waiting time easier for everyone.


In addition to the display effect, high-speed railway stations, railway stations and other transport hubs also have high requirements for the security of LED displays. Unilight LED display screen adopts standard production process and high-quality raw materials. It has passed a number of domestic and international fire retardant and electromagnetic radiation tests and certification, with multiple quality guarantees, so it can be used without worries.

As a world-renowned true LED display application and service provider, Unilight has provided high-quality LED display products and services for railway stations, high-speed railway stations, light rail stations and other transport hubs nationwide and worldwide. Unilight LED display products and solutions can perfectly match the application requirements of various scenarios, whether it refers to guideboards, large train information LED screens, large LED advertising screens inside and outside stations, or large LED screens in control rooms and conference halls.


Large LED screen in the waiting hall of Lanzhou West High Speed Railway Station to improve the passenger waiting experience.

Large outdoor LED advertising screen of Zhengzhou Railway Station, which has been used for more than ten years, still operates stably.

LED Advertising screen of Brazilian light rail station to help brand communication.