Poland's first virtual filming studio was born, with LED+XR leading the transformation of the film and television industry

By combining Unilight's excellent products and excellent service, we create an 'incredible' visual experience for our customers," said Melania Kluczycka, Customer Director at VuFinder Studios.

At present, as virtual production technology is widely explored and used globally, this hot wind has also blown to Poland. VuFinder Studios, located in the center of Warsaw, partnered with Unilight to incubate Poland's first virtual photography studio.

As a studio that excels in integrating the advantages of film production and game development, VuFinder Studios has gained insights into virtual content production. Since its establishment in 2022, it has successfully collaborated with world-renowned brands such as BMW, One Plus, Veet, and Bosch, producing over 30 works.

On site in the studio, a 600 square meter space was used to create a vast imagination, with high-quality LED products adding wings to the imagination. VuFinder Studios chose the renowned Unilight Pitch2mm LED panel wall in the virtual production field to build a 160 square meter large screen, which includes an 18 x 5.5 square meter 3-degree curved wall and a 6 x 5.5 square meter flat side wall.



The modular and convenient design endows the wall with ultra-high flexibility and can be built into different shapes according to needs. Combined with cutting-edge Unreal Engine 5, MoSyS tracking system, and 4 x RTX A6000 servers in the industry, the visual effects are fully displayed.

Collaborating with a passionate and professional team from VuFinder Studios was a great experience." Unilight looks forward to the birth of Poland's first virtual filming studio, which will help the new generation of filmmakers in Eastern Europe.