Unilight × Huawei Immersive Digital Exhibition Hall, Building a Future Space of Smart Interconnection

As an indispensable display terminal in the digital age, the large-scale application of LED displays has become a trend. Unilight has launched LED display solutions to meet the operational needs of enterprises, which are widely used in exhibition halls, conference rooms, data centers, and other scenarios of many well-known enterprises around the world, to assist in the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

The J5 District Government Customer Dialogue Center Exhibition Hall at Huawei Bantian Base is one of the most important exhibition halls at Huawei headquarters, and also the first stop for many government units to visit Huawei. Here, the Unilight LED screens, combined with digital display technology, create a dynamic and futuristic display effect, showcasing Huawei's high-end brand image as a leading global provider of ICT infrastructure and intelligent terminals.

Currently, digital technology, as a vanguard force leading the world's technological revolution and industrial transformation, is constantly penetrating into various fields of economic and social development, and profoundly changing production methods, lifestyles, and social governance. Huawei is committed to promoting the deep integration of technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, AI, and cloud with various industries, accelerating digital upgrades, and establishing a new intelligent interconnection ecosystem that covers all scenarios.


Arriving at the entrance passage of the exhibition hall, Unilight's creative LED screen integrates with the exhibition hall. Through dynamic graphic and textual information display, it conveys Huawei's value concept of empowering thousands of industries with ICT technology for digital transformation, showcasing Huawei's responsibility and mission as a benchmark enterprise in the industry to visiting customers.

In the atrium of the exhibition hall, high-definition LED pillar four sided screens, curved screens, and the internal spatial structure of the exhibition hall complement each other, vividly reproducing Huawei's landing applications and practical achievements in fields such as smart healthcare and smart education in a digital way, which has a strong visual impact and makes the entire exhibition hall more technological and interactive.


In terms of business display, LED screens provide strong support for the high-quality display of Huawei's business layout. Entering the smart healthcare display area, Huawei's smart healthcare scenario based solutions are clearly displayed on the LED screen. Based on its own accumulation of digital transformation, Huawei is focusing on the construction of smart hospitals to accelerate the implementation of technologies such as 5G and AI in medical scenarios.

In the smart education experience area, an immersive digital display space is built on four high-definition LED screens, reproducing Huawei's innovative teaching, management, scientific research, and service application practices provided by ICT technology. Visiting customers can experience the full scene teaching of the smart classroom on site, feeling the digital transformation helping to improve education quality and efficiency.



As a leading global provider of true LED display applications and services, Unilight has previously collaborated with Huawei multiple times. Relying on its rich accumulation in LED display technology innovation and product application, Unilight will leverage its brand advantages in the future, serving thousands of industries with digital, intelligent, and immersive exhibition and display solutions, creating more demonstration, forward-looking, and influential display platforms, allowing more users to experience the unique charm brought by LED displays.