Unilight LED Video Wall at Wannian County Science and Technology Culture Center

Recently, Wannian County Science and Technology Culture Center in Jiangxi Province was officially put into use. Unilight provides the center with full-scene LED display products(total 600 ㎡ ) and solution applications and services, creates a unique immersive experience space, and helps the center become an important platform and position for further exploring urban vitality, improving urban functions, improving urban taste, and enriching citizens' cultural life.

Wannian County Science and Technology Cultural Center integrates the functions of the city hall, the new era civilization practice center, the museum, the science and technology museum and the civil art museum, with a total construction area of 27000 square meters, and is a landmark building at the north gate of the city. Among them, the City Hall is a comprehensive intelligent exhibition hall that integrates the functions of cultural heritage, urban planning, image publicity, investment attraction, and tourism.

In the preface hall of the city hall, the large LED screen is particularly eye-catching. The deep integration of technology and culture and art vividly outlines the development process of Wannian County as the birthplace of the world's rice culture, the hometown of Chinese tribute rice, and the hometown of high-quality freshwater pearls in China.

Come to the big data visualization platform of the New Era Civilization Practice Center in Wannian County, and the high-definition LED large screen will clearly present the information and data of the New Era Civilization Practice Activity in the region, such as the preview, activity display, volunteers and volunteer services, to realize the visual management and integrated display of business operation information, so as to interpret the information more intuitively and quickly.

In addition, the large LED screens in other areas of the center also have their own characteristics, which will show you the historical changes in the development of the county for ten thousand years, witness several butterfly leaps, and feel the vitality of this hot land.

The products used by Wannian County Science and Technology Culture Center this time are Unilight LED display screens. The high gray scale, high contrast, wide color gamut and large angle of view make the display screen have significant advantages in clarity, color level, color restoration and other aspects, bringing a high level of visual enjoyment to local citizens.

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