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5 Core Issues to Keep In Mind When Selecting LED Poster Display

5 Core Issues to Keep In Mind When Selecting LED Poster Display More and more advertisements are now being showcased on the LED poster all over the world. With LED poster display becoming cheaper and more vibrant, it’s one of the most effective ways to advertise as it engages all the potential customers’ senses. However, to enjoy…

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How Outdoor LED Display Is Capturing The Market In 2019?

Outdoor LED Display The LED display is used widely in numerous industries. As the economy of the market is increasing every day, the LED display application is also expanding continuously. This display screen is having a real-time and dynamic data display which holds the graphical function of displays. The LED display is mainly destined for turning…

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How to Choose an Outdoor Led Display Screen

Today, concerts, entertainments spots, social clubs, and advertisers are using outdoor LED display. For that reason, several manufacturers have ventured into outdoor LED screen making to reap from the lucrative booming industry. Unfortunately, not all outdoor LED screen made are of high quality or a suitable specification. Added considerations are needed when choosing LED display screen.…

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Check Out the Alluring Features of the LED Dance Floor

Unilight led dance floor screen-3

The LED dance floors are available in the market from best manufacturers and sellers. People can now either take them on rent for their upcoming event, shows, wedding or for any other special occasion or can purchase them for installing them in their clubs, banquet halls or ballroom.   The top sellers make them available…

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Is your Nationstar LEDs real or fake ?


Today , we are going to share with you how to verity the nationstar LEDs real or fake As the brand nationstar LEDs become more and more famous in all of the world during these these years. Especially for LED screens application, Nationstar LEDs became the one of the first option for bidding for many…

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Do you really know about how to purchase the LED display screen ?

Kuwait TV station

The higher brightness, the better for outdoor LED display screen ? In the entire LED display screen industry, brightness has always been the most important indicator we use to evaluate display performance, especially for outdoor purpose application . Over times, the higher brightness , the better outdoor LED display screen . Actually this is totally…

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