Check Out the Alluring Features of the LED Dance Floor

The LED dance floors are available in the market from best manufacturers and sellers. People can now either take them on rent for their upcoming event, shows, wedding or for any other special occasion or can purchase them for installing them in their clubs, banquet halls or ballroom.


The top sellers make them available at most competitive prices, high-end customer service, complete technical support and guarantees great quality features to all around. These professionals have a close connection with renowned factories that make the LED dance floor. Thus, these sellers get them from manufacturers and sell them across the world.


Dance floor for all event types

You can visit for having a look at the available dance floors and the ones which are installed by them at different locations. You can read about its alluring features and can learn why they are considered as the best dance floor for all types of occasion. Now you don’t have to search for the best dance floor anywhere else.


You can either purchase these LED floors for dancing or can rent them at affordable prices. When you will make a request for its hire or purchase, you will get all the information related to its spec sheets, diagrams, the photos, videos and others. These dance floors are trending and called as a new generation disco.


Different types of LED floors for dancing available

Due to the introduction of LED technology, the LED dance floors have turned more popular and they are highly in demand. They can be easily found in corporate events, night clubs, dance clubs, residential settlements, parties, weddings and on other special events. Different types of dance floors are available. You can check out some of the best ones which allow,


  • Playing back of videos on high to low-resolution dance floors
  • You can check out the interactive dance floors which come with LED display, have in-built sensors to activate effects as soon anyone steps on the dance floor. They also playback the texts and attractive graphics
  • You can also find a dance floor which is controlled by a DMX controller and holds different look than other dance floors.

If you are the one who has ever thought of having the dance floor at your special events, then many times you have faced high rental costs. To lower down such burden of heavy payments, the LED dance floors are introduced which are not only cheap at their costs but also offers commendable effects and feel.


Interfacing LEDs

The designing and build of these dance floors are impeccable. You can find more than 64 panels and each one of them consists of at least four light cells. This gives a total of around 256 cells and around 7680 RGB LEDs which arranged in the pixel format. In these panels, you can also find a shift register termed as interfacing LEDs which controls the floor.


There are micro switches too that offers every floor interactive features at the same time. These dance floors are truly a masterpiece as they all are customized with programmed graphics that respond well to the dance moves. From fashion runways to corporate events, weddings or birthday, everyone demands a great dance floor.


Attractive effects, colors and music synchronization

The LED dance floor is one which can definitely amaze all your guests and can promise them the best night ever. They can dance on these floors all night and it gives them an amazing feeling of being in the top night club. You can find the illuminated dance floors that hold different effects of pattern, the synchronization of music, unlimited colors and more.


You can have a stunning and sparkling dance floor now. This holds the capacity for creating stupendous visual effects. It has a hardware and software feature which allows everyone to project their animations, graphics, text, pictures, video and more. These dance floors are quick to install and they are best for permanent installation as well for rentals.


These dance floors are portable and the best part they are flexible and can be installed in Live concerts, retail space, night clubs, DJ night, production house, art galleries, award functions, bachelor party or others. It comes with a lighting system of the solid state that is best designed for being energy efficient, hassle-free installation and has longer life durability.


Alluring features of the LED dance floors

  • They hold a tough glass with an appealing look and feel
  • Comes along with a protection layer which keeps it safe from water and makes it a water-resistant dance floor
  • It can bear the great weight of the crowd and they all can dance without stressing over the heavyweight
  • It helps in saving electricity as it consumes low energy
  • It is known for easy and flexible installation as it can be done without using any important tools
  • Comes with a capacity of bearing heavy loads which reach to more than 1.5 tons
  • It is known for its technical designing mask and holds clear play
  • Offers the option of high gray and lowering of brightness too

These LED dance floors offer amazing effects on dance floors. It allows every user for projecting graphics, text, pictures, animations and many other visual pictures. They all are digital and quick in installation. This can be purchased on rent or can be available in permanent installation form.


These dance floors are getting used these commonly in live concerts, DJ party, award functions, wedding and on other popular events which is incomplete without dance performances. These dance floors display the higher resolution of pictures on which anyone can dance even. They have different panels and they all come along with individual LED displays.


You can find these dance floors in different sizes as well as at fair prices. Some of the benefits which can be availed with these dance floors are,


Higher class appearance: These dance floors have tough glass cover which shows every animation clearly and completely.


Offers protection from water: Many people dance on the dance floors with a wine glass in hand or a bottle of beer, this can get spilled on the dance floor anytime. To protect the dance floor from such unexpected scenes, it comes with a water-resistant feature. This makes it easier to clean and use at the same time.


Bears good weight: When it comes to dancing during a DJ night or a wedding and sangeet night, people cannot control their emotions as they are highly passionate about dance. The whole crowd goes crazy when any hit song is played by the DJ. Keeping such things in mind, the dance floors are designed for bearing maximum capacity of weight.


These dance floors pass the pressure tests beforehand and then only get available in the market for purchase or rents.


Easy installation: One of the benefits of these LED dance floor is that they are much easier and quicker to dismantle and installation. Many times you find the need to having dance floors in your special events like wedding or sangeet, you can now save your time, money and energy by getting it on rent.


They come in a slim structure and can be installed within no less time.


The best suppliers of these dance floors fulfill each and every expectation of the client and offer the high end LED solutions which are provided by professional engineers. This helps in making the event highly successful and best. The LED pitch screens are available for indoor events as they allow the benefit to view graphics in close proximity of around 10ft.


They offer higher brightness level, customized full-color option and the scanning ratio of around 14 which makes it best for all types of commercial application. This includes for business purpose, sports stadium, advertising media or other. They work well for the dissemination of integrated information too.


Durable performance dance floors

The LED floor screens are best designed for the ground display. They are designed specially in terms of bearing maximum load capacity, for the protection of performances, for heat dissipation performances and more. It can adapt well the higher strength of pedaling and proffer the long term operations in a normal way.


These LED displays can guarantee you complete protection and they come with an anti-glare, anti-slip or matte finish features. Well, on this basis of the LED screen dance floor, the function of sensor interaction is included. All these dance floors are well-equipped with a pressure sensor. They are also termed as an infrared or capacitive sensor.


When any person moves on this dance floor screen, this sensor holds the capability to sense a person’s position and it instantly triggers information to the main controller. This main controller logic determines the same and responds to the output of display effect. These displays can transform every occasion in the best one.


These dance floors give a twinkling effect and the appearance of low profile. They are made of different size panels and have ultra-bright LED on their circuits. All of them are placed differently or in a random way which gives an effect of starlit. You can find these floors really incredible and comes with a thickness of around 28mm.


Special features of color change

These dance floors are available in different sizes and shape. You can request a quote from Unilight, a top LED dance floor provider today. They can offer you illuminating dance floor for your big day. These dance floors can change the color of dance floor tiles every time. In your every event, you can opt for a different theme, color or combination of these.


The special feature of interchangeable color tiles is also advanced and high-end. They allow you to change the dance floor colors without purchasing a new one. You can simply go for a tile fascia overlay for selecting the floor colors. All these dance floors are best equipped with the white and black tile fascias.


This black & white option is a standard one and the rest of the colors can be made available on demand. The LED dance floors can be cleaned easily without using any special tools. As your dance floor make use of a color fascia overlay, the cleaning system turns easier. One can remove tiles and can run the same under the tap, if required.


Affordable cost features

The replacement of LED dance floors bulb is also possible at lower costs. In case, if any bulb breaks down and you get fused, you don’t have to replace the whole tile from your dance floor. You can now easily replace that faulty bulb without any hassle. It will help you in saving a good amount of money and you will be happy about its affordable cost features.


The dance floors available from best sellers are manufactured for combatting all types of negative experiences which other people have experienced. The best part, these dance floors make use of the spring load circuit clips which ensures better connectivity and maintains the same at lower prices.


No additional tools for installation required

No matter how much the crowd bounces on them, this dance floor is unbreakable and can stay durable and strong for long. These dance floors are easy to assemble too. They can lock easily at one place and you don’t require any additional tools for locking them up. All you need to do is, assemble tiles and plug it in mains. No extra wires are even required.


Many of the dance floors are manufactured from the wood and they all bend or turn rotten after some time.  Here, you will be guaranteed for the best LED dance floor. They are made by using acrylic and foam board and they all ensure durability and lightweight features. These dance floors are light in weight, which makes them easy in transportation and quick to assemble.


Check out the rich collection

These LED dance floors are manufactured for withstanding for long. These floors are not going to get damaged at any costs. The LED bulbs installed are eco-friendly and come with a remote control for changing LED lights speed. Get ready to rent these top LED dance floors or purchase them at best prices.


You will be assured of enjoying exciting features and benefits with these dance floors. Browse the rich collection online.

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