Differences Between P2 and P3 LED Walls

The terms P2 and P3 will often bump into you while researching LED Video Wall resolution. We are guessing that you have already decided to invest in display walls, but before you purchase, here’s a complete breakdown of the differences between P2 and P3 LED Walls so you meet your best fit early!

Just to give a sneak peek into P2s and P3s, though, the ‘P’ here stands for Pixel Pitch, whereas the number denotes the two different ratings that they both have. Let’s see whether the Pixel Pitch 2 is worth your requirements or the Pixel Pitch 3:

3 Main Differences Between P2 and P3 LED Walls
Given that you already know what the names of both modules, P2 and P3, refer to, here’s their in-depth comparison as both of them are pretty distinct, and you can’t afford to invest in the wrong one:

Pixel Pitch and Pixel Count
The P2 module comprises a 2 mm Pixel Pitch and P3 of a 3 mm one. This means the distance between the centers of two pixels is 2mm in the case of P2 and 3 mm in P3. That is perhaps the leading cause behind creating too many distinctions between the two products, although they hail the same Full-color LED technology.

That said, there are 250000 and 110000 pixels per square meter in P2 and P3 LED walls, respectively. Because resolution depends on how many pixels a screen houses per unit area, the smaller 2mm gapped P2 offers much more detailed frames and ultimately higher quality than the more significant 3mm gapped P3.

Suitable Operating Conditions
Thanks to its clearer and sharper display output, P2 LED Walls are usually preferred as small space prototypes, therefore, employed indoors. P3, on the other hand, gives a less sharp image and hence is used more as a 3D high-intent display equipment.

Because the lack it possesses often goes unnoticed in vast areas, P3 LED Walls are usually installed in lecture or large conference spaces. This cuts the cost that businesses might have had to spend for purchasing P2 otherwise. This leads us to our next big difference between P2 and P3 LED Walls—the price!

As you might have already discerned, P2 comes at a much more expensive price tag, given its better quality. The more the resolution you crave, the more the price you would have to pay for it.

Wrap-Up: Which is Your Ideal LED Wall (P2 or P3?)
With the increasing preference of buyers over the other LED types, Full-colour LED technology has undoubtedly taken the market by storm. The hype primarily makes way due to the quality on offer (most supreme, we believe!) and the technology’s seamless splicing that helps manifest great displays in large-scale events.

Fortunately, the P2 and P3 products under discussion today are modules of the same show star. However, both are pretty distinct and equally usable for their specific niches.

Meaning despite P2 visibly being the duel winner, P3 can be your companion if an outdoor setting is your targeted location for installation or if you are short on budget. We have discussed every difference there is between P2 and P3 LED Walls, so you know which one is for you and which one is not.