Digital display technology is disrupting the traditional billboard market

Digital display technology has brought radical changes the way marketing communication operates.

China, May 29,2019/ — The OOH media is becoming highly agile as more and more companies are looking for the most effective ways of the advertising, the traditional billboards are getting obsolete.

The LED display panel and digital walls are the newcomers in the market. We spoke to the brand manager of the UNILIGHTLED, reputed digital display manufacturer to find out how the market is poised to bring revolution. Here is a brief account of the conversation.

The market dynamics are looking bright and shiny:

The digital display and video wall market was valued at approximately $4 billion in the year 2116 and it is expected to grow at 17 CAGR and would be valued at 14 billion by the end of 2023. The China market is dominated by the global scenario. In fact, Asia Pacific is the leader and it is expected that the region would get 40 percent of the market share during the forecast period. He said.

Better communication is what matters:

Digital display technology has brought radical changes the way marketing communication operates. Now, business houses can customize the message according to the niche and the dynamic customer demands.

The billboard companies are getting higher profit margin because they can now use the space creatively. This has made marketing communication creative and more personalized.

The market is poised for growth and we are up for the challenge. We ensure that we offer the best products and display technology.

We are bringing quality in the market:

We have been in the industry for more than years and during that period we have completed over 12, 000 projects. Our immense experience gives us the knowledge to bring more innovative products to the market.

We ensure that we create products that are technologically advanced. Undoubtedly, we are an organization that believes in variety. We have a range of products to choose from. From small to big digital walls, we can empower the business houses with our range of products.

We ensure that we create products that are equipped with smart technology and also visually perfect. It is this approach that makes us the most preferred organization in the market. President Putin honors our effort through his visit to our facility.

Over to you:

The market is poised for the growth and you as a business house should and must consider having your marketing message put the right creatively. You must consider buying the digital display technology LED display panel for your business.

All you have to do is to discuss with your team and find the right manufacturer. You should be careful about the specification of the products while buying them and it would help you in getting the perfect product. The company is poised to bring radical revolution in the market.

We believe that the ideology of the company is quite conducive for growth and innovation. And you should consider buying LED display panel from them. You should visit and find out more about their products, offers and other features. It is time to get the best digital display technology and communicate with your audience in personalized manner.

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