Unilight Helps CCTV-5 FIBA Basketball World Cup

The 2019 FIBA World Cup basketball tournament was held in eight cities in China from August 31 to September 15. It is believed that many basketball fans have long awaited this tournament. Eight major competition areas, 16 matches, 32 teams, 92 matches, wonderful tournaments are coming towards us!

The 2019 FIBA China Basketball World Cup will be the largest top-level event in the history of FIBA. It will also be the first time that this event has settled in China since its birth.


Many friends because of busy work or other reasons, it may be difficult to go to the scene to feel the atmosphere of the match in full swing. Don’t Worry! Unilight can take you “into” the hot-blooded stadium, witness the speed and passion of the basketball stadium, take you to enjoy the visual feast, indulge in passion in September, cheer for the basketball World Cup! Make sure you don’t go out and get all the wonderful basketball information online.


During the Men’s Basketball World Cup, CCTV-5 Sports Channel will launch a special program “Basketball A.D.” Unilight, as a supplier of LED display for CCTV-5 Sports Channel program “Basketball A.D.” is honored to participate in this top-level event. At that time, let’s witness together with CCTV-5 splendid: the game, interactive entertainment, guest interviews and so on, with the beauty of science and technology display, ignite the whole venue!


The LED screen of CCTV-5 channel studio hall is built by Unilight. Considering the uniqueness of the studio project, Unilight has made a special design model for the scene, which makes the LED screen in the studio not only display the complete picture, but also support the sub-picture display. It greatly increases the flexibility of live broadcasting and meets the requirements. At the same time, the background LED screen can change the studio effect of different styles at any time, high color gamut, wide viewing angle, low brightness and high gray level technology, so that the studio can hold all kinds of broadcast scenes, and can really achieve the effect of “painting in the scenery, painting in the scenery”.


After the completion of the building, the studio hall as a whole is magnificent and beautiful. It can not only provide a good visual experience for tens of thousands of audiences to watch basketball matches, but also provide a kind of immersive visual enjoyment for a large number of TV audiences.

Unilight event rental LED display has appeared on CCTV for many times (CCTV-2, CCTV-3, CCTV-5, CCTV-11, CCTV Innovation Program Promotion Meeting). Large-scale conferences and stage performances at home and abroad, with its mature and stable product performance, quickly installation maintenance, flexible shape and excellent display effect, occupy  the important position in the LED display rental market.