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Attract Attention with a Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display. Make Conveying Information Smoother.

Stream visual content on our always-on displays without losing quality. Make your viewing experience as smooth as possible.

Fine or small pixel pitch displays are all-aluminum, flatscreen displays that use LEDs to create high-resolution visual displays that help you capture customer attention, communicate brand information, and stream detail-heavy content without losing quality.

At UnilightLED, we help you captivate your audience with our true-color small-pitch LED screens. Our LED displays can display high-resolution images and videos, making them perfect for conferences, presentations, exhibitions, and promotions.

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Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display

With pixel pitches ranging from 1.875 to 3mm, our small pitch LED screens can display a wide gamut of colors to make your visuals look like a mirage.

  • 4:3 Ratio Cabinet
  • 640*480mm
  • Magnesium Alloy Cabinet
  • 16:9 Golden Ratio
  • 600x337.5x60mm
  • Die Casting Aluminum Cabinet
  • 240x240mm Panel
  • 480x480mm Cabinet
  • Magnesium Alloy Cabinet
  • 4:3 Ratio Cabinet
  • 640x480mm
  • Die Casting Aluminum Cabinet
  • 16:9 Golden Ratio
  • 600x337.5x60mm
  • Die Casting Aluminum Cabinet
  • 4:3 HD LED Display
  • 400x300x77mm
  • Die Casting Aluminum Cabinet

Stream Detail-heavy Content with Fine Pixel Pitch

Pixel pitch refers to the distance between pixels. The lower the distance, the higher the resolution, and the higher the distance, the lower the resolution.

A fine pixel pitch LED display has a very low distance between pixels, so it has a high resolution and can show images and videos in greater detail. It is used in exhibitions, shopping malls, education, broadcast and TV studios, stores, conference rooms, galleries, etc.

Our small pixel pitch LEDs come in 1.875 to 3mm pixel pitches and can be placed anywhere at least five feet away from customers.

Make Colors Pop with True-color

True color is the ability of a screen to use over a billion colors to create precise, extremely vivid images and videos with even more precise color reproduction. This makes the visuals displayed on the screen look even more lifelike.

Plus, higher color is easy on the eyes, making your content easy for people with visual impairments to see.

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Get into the Details Using Dynamic High Contrast

Dynamic high contrast enhances the contrast ratio of the visual media appearing on a screen, making images appear sharper, cleaner, and sleeker. It can make visual media more impactful, increase display efficiency, and benefit people with visual impairments.

Our fine LED screens with dynamic contrast adjust the contrast ratio dynamically to adjust to lighting conditions. They automatically darken the blacks when sunlight falls on them and lighten the whites when needed, creating lifelike experiences.

Create a Better Viewing Experience with a High Refresh Rate

Simulations and videos are created from thousands of images shown in milliseconds. The number of times these images refresh is known as the refresh rate. It determines the visual quality and smoothness of your display.

Our fine pixel pitch LED screen refreshes more than 1000 times per second, making fast-moving images and videos appear smoother, more engaging and impactful, and creating a seamless viewing experience.

Industry Applications

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Entertainment Venues

Fine pixel pitch LED screens are the perfect addition to casinos, nightclubs, and bars, creating an electric atmosphere and keeping patrons engaged. They provide a dynamic platform to display the latest happenings, catch the audience's attention, and ramp up the energy in the venue.

Entertainment venues can use small pitch LED screens to showcase stunning, high-quality visuals, divert patrons' attention to the latest attraction, and feature the best deals or performers of the night.
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By using small pixel pitch LED screens, stores can communicate the latest happenings to customers, display their latest collections and advertisements, convey real-time social media developments, and even showcase current campaigns.

Fine-pixel pitch screens can also help stores catch the attention of passersby, increasing the likelihood of conversion. Plus, they can create brand awareness and make the awareness-to-purchase process easy.

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Fine pixel LED screens can be used in art galleries and exhibitions to display digital art and pieces not currently being displayed, convey information about the artist, explain the history of a painting or sculpture, and spread the word about an upcoming artist.

These displays can enhance visitors’ appreciation and understanding of the art and make visiting the gallery a more immersive and engaging experience.


1. What is pixel pitch?

Pixel pitch is the distance between the centers of two pixels on an LED screen. It is measured in millimeters (mm) and is a measure of the resolution of the screen.

The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution of the screen and the more pixels that can be packed into a given area, creating a clearer and more detailed image.

A fine pixel pitch LED screen will have a smaller distance between the pixels and will be able to display a higher resolution image, while a coarse pixel pitch LED screen will have a larger distance between the pixels and will be able to display a lower resolution image.

2. Should you consider pixel pitch when choosing an LED screen?

Pixel pitch is an important factor to consider when choosing an LED screen because it affects the visual quality and clarity of the images and videos displayed on the screen.

Fine pixel pitch LED screens are typically used in applications where high resolution and clarity are important, such as control rooms, digital signage, and high-end retail environments. In contrast, coarse pixel pitch screens are used in areas where the viewing distance is large, such as stadiums, concerts, hotel resorts, churches, etc.

3. What is the best pixel pitch for indoor LED screens?

The best pixel pitch for an indoor LED screen depends on the specific application and the viewing distance. Typically, the closer the viewers are to the screen, the finer the pixel pitch should be to ensure a clear and detailed image.

However, for viewing distances less than 10 feet, a fine pixel pitch of 1.5mm to 2mm is recommended. And for distances higher than 15 feet, a pixel pitch of 2.5mm to 3mm is recommended for a clear and detailed experience.

4. What is the best pixel pitch for larger LED screens?

If you’re using a large LED screen indoors, you should use pixel pitches above 3mm. Why? Because lower pixel pitches can create visually distracting experiences that make it difficult to understand the content streaming across them.

So, using pixel pitches of more than 10mm to 16mm can be excellent for helping far-away viewers see visuals clearly without making them too detailed.

5. What is the difference between true- and full color?

Most LED screens use full color, which typically has 16.7 million colors, to create detail-heavy images and videos with a high degree of color accuracy and realism. They can produce vibrant and dynamic images and videos to capture the attention of audiences.

However, full color pales in comparison to true color.

True color is the ability of an LED screen to utilize more than one billion colors to create images and videos with precise color reproduction, making the visuals displayed on screens look lifelike.

So, while full-color LED screens can display a wide range of colors, true-color LED screens can display an even greater number of colors, which creates even more precise and accurate color reproduction.

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