Fire Prevention Of LED Electronic Screen Video Wall

The popularity of full-color LED displays on indoor and outdoor Video Walls has resulted in quality issues and design flaws in numerous colour screen devices, resulting in many fire mishaps that endanger employee safety. In this sense, we are only beginning to explain safety incidents in greater detail. In practice, how do you avoid fires?

In terms of fire protection technology, LED Video Wall is primarily dependent on extinguishing fire raw materials and the LED transparent screen box process. Transparent screen inner wire, power supply, fireproof materials, plastic kit, and other elements are fireproof raw materials: in most transparent screen applications, the bigger the area, the higher the energy consumption, and the greater the effect on the wire’s stability. Among various wire rod products, the safety and durability of metal rods can only be secured by using wire rods that fulfil national standards. There are three basic steps: the wire core is the conductive carrier of copper wire, the cross-sectional area tolerance of the wire core is within the specified range, and the insulation and flame retardant performance.

The fire resistance of an LED display is determined by the quality of the fire-resistant materials and the box body. The critical components of the fireproof material are the cable material, power source, exterior protection structure flammable material, and plastic container. First, in most LED displays, the higher the unit area of the LED Video Wall, the greater the power consumption and the higher the electromagnetic safety of the wire needs. Second, when selecting a comparable product, the UL certification good or service energy is the best choice because its efficient conversions can ensure the security and stability of power load, even when the various external temperature is hot.

However, in some LED display applications, the more data per unit area of the screen, the more power consumption necessitating a higher criterion for the electrical stability of wire rods. Only wire rods that meet national standards can provide safety and stability among many wire rod goods. Regarding power supply equipment, UL-certified devices are the finest option. Its scientific conversion rate provides the safety and stability of the power load, allowing it to function in hot environments. Regarding exterior safety protection materials, most LED display devices with high fire-resistance ratings on the market are fireproof aluminium-plastic plates.

Regarding exterior safety protection elements, most LED display devices with high fire-resistance standards on the marketplace are made of fireproof aluminium sheets. It has excellent fire resistance and flame-retardant properties. One of the most significant properties of fire-resistant raw materials for LED displays is that they do not distort and become brittle and shatter easily at high and low temperatures, as well as during long-term use. Combined in application with glue boasting good sealing performance, it can, to some extent, prevent rain from reaching the inside, causing short circuits and flammable materials.

Proper installation
Because LED Video Walls are electrical items, a portion of their core material is also flammable. It will begin with “prevention before the fire” principles regarding combustible items such as power supplies, cables, IC, connecting devices, etc. Consumers should use the high quality to decrease failure rates and regulate the LED display fire likelihood.

From a technical standpoint, during the LED display setup process, it must be placed by competent employees, guidance, and inspection, which may prevent the unanticipated. Clear the flammable objects surrounding the LED display to avoid the surrounding fire dangers causing the LED display to catch fire. In terms of after-sales maintenance, it must be examined and inspected regularly by qualified staff.