Fixed Install LED Display

Need Outdoor or Indoor Fixed LED Display?

LED display is reshaping our streets and buildings in the modern life we are leading today. Wherever you look, you find yourself surrounded by huge LED wall panels promoting a multitude of brands, services, products or even programs and events on a daily basis for thousands of people to see.

LED wall panels are now a sign of urbanization. And considering their advantages, no wonder companies of all sizes from all around the world are racing to get their advertisements on LED displays for the masses to see.

Companies and business owners worldwide are aware that choosing to advertise their products through outdoor fixed display does not only depend on LED video walls’ amazing capacity to reach out to a large number of people continuously and easily, but also because guarantees unmatched safety by using low voltage power for its functioning.


Additionally, LED billboards are famous for having a long durability. This means that one LED display can perfectly function for years without any major technical problems. In fact, it can even have a longer life compared to others, in certain cases.

On top of that, by going for a LED billboard as an advertisement option, you will be rest assured you are making an eco-friendly choice, since LED wall panels are an optimized display product that focuses on saving energy while still providing a clear lightening and displays of the highest quality.

Furthermore, the materials used to manufacture LED displays are harmless to the environment as well. Each substance used in the process of LED display creation allows an extensive use of the product with a possibility to recycle it as soon as the LED display deteriorates.

More advantages can be added to the list. However, despite all that and the popularity the LED billboard is gaining nowadays, most people often fail to make the distinction between the different types of LED video screens, especially when it comes to outdoor LED screen and indoor fixed LED display.

As their names obviously suggest to the reader, the indoor fixed installation LED display is made for indoor advertisement, while the other one outdoor LED Display.

It would have been easier to differentiate between the two if that was the only difference. But there are other aspects that should be taken into consideration when comparing fixed installation LED and outdoor LED video walls.

The first difference is the cost. What determines the overall cost of a LED display are two factors: the size of the LED screen and the space separating each LED bulb. Of course, the bigger the size the higher the cost, and the bigger the distance between two bulbs, the less you would have to pay to get it. Therefore, the costs can vary between the two types depending on these two factors.

The second difference is the brightness. An indoor fixed installation LED display apparently requires less brightness since it will be sheltered inside the building. Conversely, an outdoor LED screen needs a stronger lighting, since it will be working under the sunlight all day long.

This leads us to the third difference being the pixel density. Pixel density has a direct impact on the LED display’s image resolution. Hence why indoor LED video walls often require a higher pixel density being closer to the viewers, while Stadium LED screens only need a low pixel density since they are usually placed high and far from the viewers.

Finally, it is important to note that the conditions in which indoor fixed LED display and outdoor LED screens are installed vary depending on the requirements of each one. Generally, we always make sure our outdoor LED screen at Unilightled is waterproof in order to endure external circumstances and weather changes.



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