Guide to Choose the Right LED Display Manufacturer

LED wall manufacturers seem to be popping out of the sky nowadays. They’re so many! And they produce a sea of products, most of which are mediocre. So, what can you do to find the diamond in the rough?

How can you find an LED wall manufacturer that hits all your checkboxes and then some? You’re in luck. Let’s go through all the have-to-dos and no-to-dos of finding and choosing the right LED display manufacturer.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right LED Display Manufacturer
Now that we know what the ideal LED wall manufacturer looks like, let’s run through some tips for choosing the best:

1. Look at Their Experience
Do they have the experience to back up their claims? Nowadays, a flashy website and a big marketing budget can convince customers to invest in companies that don’t provide a good product or service.

And while these companies may look excellent, they typically can’t back up their claims with their work. So, to make sure you don’t run into these financial sharks, check out the experience of every LED display manufacturer you come to put on your will-work-with list.

2. Consider Previous Installations
Once you know a manufacturer is reputable, look at their previous installations. Can they offer you what you need? Remember, you may have a manufacturer from heaven, but they won’t be a good fit if they can’t offer quality service.

A great way to find out if an LED manufacturer can help you make the outdoor LED display you’re imagining is by looking at similar installations. Is their workmanship what you want? Did their LED screens last? What does the product look like now? These are all good questions to ask.

3. Find Out Whether They Use High-quality Components
Does the manufacturer use high-quality components to make their LED displays? Or do they import them from a low-quality source to provide you with a cheaper product? If they’re doing the latter, they’re skimping on quality to give you an inferior product at a lower price.

And if you’re buying an LED display for cheap, that’s a huge red flag in itself. Why? Because good LED displays can cost an arm and a leg. So, steer away from manufacturers offering LED screens at way lower prices than their competition.

4. Check If They Produce Quality Displays
The chipboards, aluminum frames, and other components aren’t the only things that need to be high-quality. The assembly and design have to be top-quality too. And the only way to ensure they are robust and long-lasting is to have experienced industry professionals on hand.

If the company you’ve selected doesn’t have any experienced industry experts, you may need to dig in deeper to find out if their product can last as long as they say it does. You can do that by asking for documentation from the company and looking at previous installations and what they like now.

5. Figure Out If They Offer Good Customer Service
Customer service is essential if you’re buying a product that costs thousands or even hundreds of thousands. Plus, it is essential if you run into an issue you don’t know how to fix. So, checking a manufacturer’s customer service is important when deciding on one.

You could ensure your selected manufacturer has excellent sales service by going to their website and finding out if they offer 24/7 support, noting down their phone number or social media links, and getting their email address.
A reliable manufacturer is always going to have efficient customer service. If your selected manufacturer doesn’t seem to take it seriously, you’d be better off with another one.

The Takeaway
Your LED display manufacturer determines the quality of your LED video wall or display. They do this by making sure they’re using the best, most durable materials and cutting-edge technology and not compromising on anything.
However, finding the right LED display manufacturer can be challenging, especially when you can’t visit them when they’re on the other side of the world. Plus, you can also be disappointed by a manufacturer you liked initially.
So, make sure you choose an LED manufacturer by looking at their previous history and every other factor we’ve outlined above. Being careful is never too late.