How Much Does a LED Dance Floor Cost?

From exciting concerts to lovely weddings, club events, and so much more, LED Dance Floors have made a giant leap in revolutionizing a wide range of events. However, do they cost just as luxurious as they seem?

Like with most technologies ruling the current realm, LED Dance Floor screens come in various types to meet the diverse needs of the ever-growing events industry. That said, expect the costs to fluctuate depending on the specific customization you choose to go with.

What could be these cost-effecting aspects, and how much does a LED Dance Floor cost finally? Let’s ponder together!

Cost of a LED Dance Floor
LED Floors are made of separate LED Dance Floor screens, often known as tiles, typically of sizes 4×4, 3×4, and 3×3 feet. Combinations of these usually result in a 12×12 whole floor, which ranges between $210 to $330 per month to rent.

This cost may only fluctuate depending on the type of carpeting you choose to go with or if you entirely change the size. For example, a parquet wooden floor costs up to $250 per month ($200 at least). Otherwise, an oak plank one or a vinyl dance floor would range between $250 to $330 instead.

Also, note that the carpeting and size cost mentioned above was for an indoor wedding setup. Because outdoor conditions would definitely require a more rugged and vibrant color-filled build, the cost will be different (mostly higher, let’s suppose).

Nevertheless, irrespective of the carpet type, individual parts that are required with the complete flooring also come on a similar rental basis, costing between $5 to $30 per month.

Factors Affecting The Cost of a LED Dance Floor
Now that you are fully aware of how much a LED Dance Floor costs, you might also have realized that it can fluctuate way too often with different customization choices and location requirements. That’s exactly what we are here to discuss, so let’s start:

Carpeting Design Choice
This is the first significant aspect that will influence the cost of each LED Dance Floor screen you opt to go with. That said, know that the cost will majorly differ with the more special option you go with. As mentioned above, a slight shift in carpeting from wooden to vinyl can cost buyers a whopping $100 more every month!

Special Customizations
Again, with expensive or budget-friendly customization will come variations in the final purchasing cost of a LED Dance Floor. For instance, many potential buyers who are fans of inducing further delicacy to their LED floors will love to add colored plastic sections in combination with the LED tiles. Such add-ons come at an additional cost.

Indoor or Outdoor Use
Like an LED wall display manufacturer, an LED Dance floor screen maker will charge more for a product built for outdoor use. That is because outdoor LEDs only look as vibrant as indoor LEDs if made with incredibly bright pixels to cope with the sunlight. So yes, consider this factor before you plan to rent a dance floor for your evening wedding or a night’s party.

Final Verdict
That’s all by our side about how much you should expect an LED Dance Floor to cost, with various personal customizing preferences at your disposal. Remember, the more minimal route you choose to go with, the more budget-friendly will the total cost look, or be ready to welcome a hefty rental bill coming towards you!