How to Prolong Big LED Screen Lifespan

The introduction of LEDs in the modern era has undoubtedly brought significant changes to how we evolve. Be that large LED video wall panels, advertising billboards, or just the flat (but BIG!) tv screen at your home, LED is just everywhere where you require a large, impactful display!

That said, imagine how much more of a bounty it would seem if it lasted a few more years than its expected life. This guide breaks down the concern of how to prolong big LED screen lifespan so employers don’t have to invest in a new LED product after every few years:

Watch Out For Direct Sunlight
If you have a delicate indoor LED product, avoiding direct sun rays from falling straight onto the pixeled panel is an absolute must. Or even if it’s a rugged outdoor-special piece, we’ll strongly urge employers to try their best to keep the screen away from direct rays.

We understand that there’s not much choice when installing LEDs, especially on outdoor billboards, but there’s got to be something compromised for increased longevity.

Look for a Moisture-Free Location
Moisture also poses a direct and rather harmful effect on big LED screens, similar to what direct sun rays do. For extended lifespan, indoor LED users should watch out for closed spaces that possess high humidity to keep the panel away from moisture.

Whereas businesses owning outdoor LED video wall panels or other setups should install water-repelling cases.

Choose an Optimal Position for Installation
Display screens, be that large LED video wall panels or your wide home screen, all should be installed at a perfect angle of view. Not-so-ideal spots will result in an uneven picture experienced by a spectator’s eyes, causing him to tweak display settings.

While changing settings, there’s a high chance of shifting something that might trigger extra power usage, resulting in overload and, ultimately, a compromised lifespan. Having said that, make sure to keep big LED screens in a place that provides the best viewing result.

Keep an Eye Out For Sudden Voltage Surges
Frequent surges in power systems are a common thing, but an extreme one can prove hazardous for your big LED screen. Employ a robust surge suppressor coupled with a regulator for voltage spikes.

Most manufacturers sell panels with the elements mentioned above integrated already.

Regular Maintenance is The Key
Just like most technology devices, LED panels also require regular maintenance to live longer. Dust often harms the front layers protecting the inside LED mechanism; therefore, cleaning frequently is recommended.

Huge billboards or LED video wall panels aren’t that easy to tidy daily but can still be taken care of every month. Avoid using abrasive materials on the screen; instead, soft chamois or a special cloth is recommended.

One can also slightly dampen the cleaning equipment with water but remember, too much moisture can prove lethal.

Wrapping it Up!
The usual lifespan of LED displays, whether big or small, is known to lie between 50,000 to 100,000 hours. That’s a solid five years time, even if used continuously through days and nights!

However, don’t celebrate too early as the same span may even come down to hardly a month. Move the tides the other way around by using the top 5 ways how to prolong a big LED screen lifespan discussed above.