Importance and Benefits of Digital Displays in Retail

Gone are the days of printed menu displays and brand wallpapers. Nowadays, digital displays are the bread and butter of retail stores. They allow retail businesses to display everything from information and adverts to videos and images.

And as digital display prices are falling, more and more retail stores are snapping them up. But why are they doing that? What benefit do retail stores get from digital displays? Let’s find out.

5 Benefits of Digital Displays in Retail

Digital displays are a dime a dozen nowadays. Walk into a Macy or Lululemon store, and you can see LED panels covering entire walls. These panels show brand ads, ambassadors, and hundreds of images of men and women wearing branded clothes and shoes.

But why do stores use them?
Because digital panels catch the attention of customers and keep it. Yet, is that all these panels do? Are there any other benefits to buying digital displays?
Yes. Let’s look at them below:

1. They Allow You to Market Specific Products

Digital LED screens are an excellent way to catalog items and respond to increases and decreases in specific product demand. For instance, you can use your screen to show your wealth of summer wear during a heat wave, attracting the attention of sweaty passersby.

Similarly, you can show rain commercials on your screen when it’s rainy outside, prompting people to buy waterproof jackets and coats. You could also increase demand by putting a countdown on the number of exclusive products you have left!

2. They Enhance Sales

Digital displays can help you tell your customers what to buy and where to get it from. You can also upsell items, guide customers to specific products, and provide emergency information using LED displays, reducing staff costs and allowing shoppers to become masters of their own experience.

What’s more, you can create an omnichannel experience in-store by connecting your digital display with online product engagement, which can create demand and help you sell items instantly.

3. They Improve Customer Experience

You can use digital displays to tell your customers what to do and where to go, helping them feel confident in the store. For instance, you could use a digital display to help customers find their way to the toilet, provide them with an email, or help them search for a specific product.

Plus, you could build trust in your customers by showing information about your product, such as where it was made, whether it was ethically sourced, and what it’s like when used, on your display screen.

4. They Increase Brand Awareness

Often, customers buy from your store without understanding who you are and what you offer. As a result, once they’ve found what they wanted, they’re unlikely to return in the future — unless you do something about it.
Digital screens can help you connect with your customers, explain what you believe in, and describe what products you create without needing to lift a finger.

You can also show your brand ads, representatives, and social media channels on your display, allowing your customers to understand from whom they purchase products.

5. They Provide Entertainment

You don’t need to only use digital screens for showing ads and images of models wearing your clothes, shoes, etc. Instead, you can use them to share everything from videos to news and social media reels.

For instance, you could show Instagram reels on your digital screen to current shoppers. You could even play relevant songs to entertain your customers.

The Bottom Line

Digital displays are a fantastic addition to the marketing arsenal of any retail business. They help retail stores connect with customers, increase their digital presence, enhance brand awareness, and allow them to improve sales and traffic by improving customer experience.

Where can you get one? Unfortunately, there are dozens of LED panel suppliers out there, so getting a reliable digital display can become a bit of a headache.

Want an easier way out? Contact us at UnilightLED and learn which digital display will suit your needs.