Important Factors about The Cost of LED Display Wall

Whether it’s about engaging a store’s customers or just impressing the guests at home, LED display wall are the new talk of the town when it comes to ambiance.

If you are also up for installing a similar setup, its cost would probably be your main thought, and we are here to discuss exactly that.

Because the visual array in discussion is not a one-size-fits-all product, the price involved automatically depends on various factors. Let’s explore all those critical factors which decide the cost of LED display walls, so you get to purchasing ASAP!

Display Size Choice

As with most products, the size of your preferred purchase is going to influence your final sum a lot. That said, buyers should expect the cost of their chosen LED display walls to swell proportionally with the size they select.


Though LED display walls look exotic with even a minimal configuration, employers can still choose to jump to another level by inducing more complexity.

However, this will surely come at a higher cost as the more complex configuration you choose, the more capital it will require.

Nevertheless, buyers can always consider initiating with a single screen and then later upgrading to a multiple-screen panel (unless the led wall manufacturer himself offers a buy-one-get-one kind of scheme!)


This was pretty anticipated. Like any LED product, a large LED wall’s cost also significantly depends on the resolution preferred by the buyer. This aspect then ultimately comes down to pixel pitch that, if the smallest, will offer the clearest of displays ever seen.

That said, the clearer the resolution you want, the heftier the pixel pitch you’d need to trade for. Fortunately, buyers, in most instances, can compromise on slightly blur resolutions depending on their intention behind the use.

For instance, if the LED display is employed for a billboard, clear resolution isn’t going to make much of a difference anyways, as it’s always viewed from a distance. In the case of a business’s office space, however, investing extra pennies for a clear resolution is what should be done.

Mounting Requirements

Configurations automatically summons the requirement of a fitting set of mounting equipment. To meet specific configurations, buyers may often also have to opt for custom mounts.

That said, with detailed configuration comes equally demanding mounts in terms of cost.

Here by detailed configurations, we mean a complete LED display wall setup consisting of multiple screens, movable or stationary.

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Even if you are done pondering on every important factor that you think most influences the cost of LED display walls, you still have to consider this one: the desired location of installment.

Usually, outdoor fitted panels demand a much more ruggedized build from led wall manufacturers than those installed in closed spaces. And as this naturally presents, the more challenging the build is for the makers, the higher the price tag you’ll be asked for.

Final Take

That’s all by our side–the top five factors we think you can’t overlook while estimating the cost of an LED display wall. Ranging from the purpose of installment to the make type and quality, we factored almost every key aspect that could affect the bill one should expect while planning for a colorful LED wall.