Known as the world’s largest airport, do you know what is the most eye-catching?

Known as the world’s largest airport, do you know what is the most eye-catching





Istanbul New Airport, the world’s largest airport, has attracted much attention since it was launched. The arc-shaped  creative LED display, with its “novelty” strong eye, has become the most powerful visual impact of the airport landscape.


The new airport in Istanbul, Turkey, known as the world’s largest, has been in operation for nearly a year, with a total investment of about $11.6 billion and an area of more than 76 million hectares. The annual passenger throughput of the first phase is estimated to reach 90 million passengers, and the annual average passenger flow after the completion of the project is expected to reach 200 million passengers, which is almost twice as much as that of Hazfield-Jackson, the world’s largest airport.


The airport has the largest tax-free zone in the world, as well as parks, hotels, medical centers and Convention centers. 1000㎡ LED display screen bears the strong visual impact of duty-free areas and even airports, including a large airport information LED display screen, two advertising vertical screens and arc-shaped creative LED display around the shops in the duty-free areas, forming a strong attracting landscape of the airport.



Airport information display large LED display screen, brightness up to 3500nit, mainly showing information such as flight departure, arrival or transit flights, with super-large screen and high-definition screen, to facilitate passengers to grasp the latest movement, to prevent missed flight, missed flight, mistake and so on.

Flat panel display structure, light to thin, more than 25% weight loss than traditional products, can be installed vertically or horizontally, and support hoisting, solving the problem of airport installation load-bearing, perfectly meet the needs of customers, and more perfect combination with engineering design.







The other two  vertical LED Wall Panel are located in the passenger rest area. Their main function is to display advertisements, make the advertisement creative more explosive, attract the attention of passengers, make passengers no longer dull when waiting for the plane, and have a better travel experience.

The total length of LED Video Wall around duty-free Zone stores is 300 meters. Along all walkways of stores and passengers, creative and unique forms give shocking power to display content.


With the same type of products in the visual display, performance and other aspects of mechanical, mathematical and computational rigorous testing, and ultimately the best product selected by customers. High brightness, high contrast, wide viewing angle and other congenital advantages, so that every passerby can see the content of the large LED screen.


Customers say that this scale of project is unprecedented and the installation is challenging, especially the arc part. It satisfies the installation of internal and external arcs, can customize a variety of box sizes, achieve seamless stitching, match specific videos, perfect integration with the scene artistic conception, perfect interpretation of the theme of science and technology and art, add a beautiful landscape to Istanbul Airport.