LED Dance Floor Screen

Are you looking for a high-end LED video floor for concert stages, corporate event, TV production or exhibition stand? The Intelligent Interactive Floor LED is the ideal LED video floor to visually enhance your production with a creative display.

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P2.5 P2.6 P2.97 P3.9 P4.8 P5.2 P6.25 SMD1415 /SMD1921 Indoor & IP68 Outdoor

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Main Characteristics:

  1. Both Indoor And Semi-outdoor Environment Working
  2. Scratch proof surface,High antiknock quality and slip resistance
  3. High loading weight:1.5-2T/sqm
  4. Quick installation thanks to magnetic modules
  5. Patent mask: The mask is made of high density PC materials and designed to ink color to make it anti-dazzling.
  6. Interactive effect: The product can track foot movement to present real-time picture effects. Suitable for sport, corporate, TV and live-events, Extremely suitable for dance and movement

LED dance floor screens help you project vibrant images, animations, and videos, breathing life into your party. They can sustain heavy loads, double as fashion ramps, and are equipped with pressure sensors that sync music or animations with movements, creating a dazzling effect.

Our LED dance floor screens are made from premium-quality, toughened glass panels that can withstand up to 2,000 kg (4,000 lbs.) and have an IP65 rating, making them spill- and rain-proof. They come in full color and can easily be maintained.

Set the stage with a stunning visual spectacle and breathe life into your party!

Looking for an LED dance floor screen to create a starlit dance stage?

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Why LED Dance Floor Screens?

Our LED dance floor screens have a high load capacity, a durable aluminum frame, and a 469˚ viewing angle that allows dancers to go toe to toe with animations. Here are some other benefits:

Interactive Effect

LED dance floor screens create an interactive effect. They ripple, break, or follow your every step, creating illusions of lakes, ice, and streams.


These LED floor screens are made from aluminum and heavy-duty glass with a load capacity of over 2,000 kg, making them durable and less prone to breaking.


Our LED dance floor screens have an IP65 rating, making them waterproof and spill-free. So you won’t need to rush from the stage when it starts raining.

Easy Installation

You don’t need to make special arrangements for your LED dance floor screens. Just install them using a fast arc lock.

Main Specifications

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Interactive LED Floor Display Solutions

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