Solution of Unilight LED Video Wall in Event Summit Activity System

Solution of Unilight LED Video Wall in Event Summit Activity System


With the development of science and technology, the communication between the world becomes more and more frequent. Every year, numerous conferences and summits are held around the world. The contents displayed are becoming more and more complex and diverse. As a wonderful terminal, LED display plays a vital role.

Unilight provided support for the IT Leaders Summit of China (Shenzhen) with LED Wall Panels and related system solutions to ensure the smooth holding of the Summit.


In such large-scale activities, there are often a large number of digital signals, application images and videos access systems, and more signals connected to the LED display screen. Unilight Summit System Solution can not only meet the needs of multi-signal LED display screen, access multi-channel video information and data information on the same system and integrate display and control, but also meet the requirements of live directors for various broadcast and control, showing a wonderful conference effect.



So, what are the advantages of Unilight’s Summit activity system solutions?


1,  Redundancy Configuration Brings Super Stability


The whole system adopts advanced technology and system structure of pure hardware core equipment MCU, and has module expansion capability. It also supports plug-in and plug-out of acquisition card. The system is safe and reliable, and supports 7 x 24 hours long and stable operation. The system also has redundant backup strategies such as power supply, whole machine, ports, transmission lines, etc. It supports real-time live broadcasting applications without Blackfield or other broadcasting accidents.


2, Super Compatibility and Display


The system is compatible with VGA, DVI, HDMI, SDI and other video signals. The same display system can display video image signals, computer signals, network video streaming media signals, cable TV signals and other video and data information. It also supports the output of SDI, CVBS and other signals to achieve seamless integration of signals with the broadcasting vehicle or satellite live broadcasting vehicle. To ensure high compatibility and display of video signals. In the on-site interview process, it also supports subtitle processing, dubbing, manuscript editing and broadcasting screen interpolation.



Ford Brand Summit


3,  Automatic adjustment of color temperature and color


The system supports the information exchange between each display unit, and can automatically adjust the color temperature and color of the display unit, so that the color of the whole large LED screen system remains the same. The color temperature of the system can be adjusted in the range of 2600 K to 10000K according to the scene conditions, which can easily match the scene lighting environment and present perfect display effect.


4, Management of Broadcasting Control Plan


The system supports the setting, storage and management of scenario plans, facilitates the compilation, preservation, modification and deletion of scenario plans, and supports the pre-arrangement of all LED display screens (setting template for window size and location of display signals, and calling existing display plans at any time). The shortcut key can be used. ” Call the plan. The system also has the function of automatic execution of plans, triggering according to time or events, and realizing automatic display of pictures.

Vivo X6 Beijing Water Cube Press Conference



5, Strong anti-interference function


In order to deal with the external interference factors in various scenarios, Unilight system also has anti-atmospheric over-voltage, electromagnetic wave, radio and static interference functions, which can effectively prevent the image from jumping and disturbance, and bring stable visual experience to the audience.

Wal-Mart Annual Shareholders’Meeting


High-level Dialogue between CPC and World Political Parties


Unilight has provided a powerful LED display solution for the convening of many important events in the world. In the future, Unilight will continue to devote itself to R&D and innovation in science and technology, continue to help organize activities at home and abroad, and contribute more to the convergence of global ideas.