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The decisions you make today will determine your future. A digital billboard and Outdoor LED capable of handling your vision can help you create more cash today and in the future.

As the pioneer in digital billboard technology, teaming with Unilight LED means choosing a supplier who will make you and your sponsors seem the finest and captivate attention to set your message apart from the competition. As a result, Unilight LED is the finest value in the business.

Our Outdoor LED and Billboard provide spectators in every arena area with a first-row visual experience. It is a versatile display that can show live scores, replays, animations, and adverts. Our customers may use Unilight LED Digital Software to simultaneously divide the display to show various pieces of information and precisely broadcast real-time changes.

Unilight LED provides several Outdoor LED Display product categories with varying pixel pitches for marketing, restaurants, shops, administrations, subway systems, corporations, shopping centers, banking & stock market centers, railway & bus stops, airports, and so on.

Unilight LED Digital billboards raise the bar for outdoor advertising to a whole new level.

Unilight LED is a suggested solution supplier for all your billboard needs if you consider investing in LED billboards. You may put your faith in us since we are undoubtedly the top LED sign makers. Our products are developed and manufactured with the innovative technology in mind, and we strive to meet any digital billboard demand that our customers have.

Unilight LED, Your Premier Outdoor LED Company

No firm provides a more remarkable experience than Unilight LED, which has performed over 100,000 installs. While other firms offer outside lighting as an add-on service, we specialize in it. We are the outdoor lighting specialists, and our outdoor lighting specialists will work directly with you to install and maintain a customized outdoor lighting system. Our high-quality materials, thorough attention to detail, and exceptional customer service will set us apart. So, when we design, install, and manage your system, you can be certain that you'll be pleased with the result.


Little things mean a lot to us at Unilight LED. We pay close attention to details because we want your outdoor lighting experience to be excellent.

What you may anticipate from us is as follows:


You'll feel at ease with us from the first discussion. We'll listen to get a sense of what you're searching for, and you'll get a sense of our passion and knowledge. We want to make sure you appreciate everything about your new Outdoor lighting system before you commit to it. We employ high-quality corrosion-resistant fittings that are created specifically.

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Outdoor LED Display and Billboard Features

LED Signs with High Resolution

Unilight LED's High-Resolution outdoor LED displays convert commuters into buyers. We combine long-lasting hardware platforms with award-winning software that is simple to use.

High-Resolution LED displays have a greater pixel pitch than ordinary resolution signs, allowing you to show more engaging graphics and text. These signs are ideal for locations where your sign will be extremely close to the road or along a sidewalk where people would be able to see it.

1. Unambiguous resolution

Light conditions and viewing distance impact the Outdoor LED display effect. We invest in a high-resolution outdoor led display that provides a substantial competitive edge in advertising due to its unique attention-grabbing qualities.

2. Protection

Our Outdoor LED display screens are generally installed in large, densely populated locations. A robust steel base that is dustproof, watertight, moisture-proof, and resistant to high pressures can provide protection. A dual waterproofing construction is also a safety feature when selecting an outdoor display.

3. Anti-leakage

We Consider leakage prevention while utilizing an Outdoor LED display screen for an extended period of time. To do this, ensure the main body and cabinet are constantly grounded on the floor.

FAQs About Outdoor LED Display

1. Is it possible to buy a large screen in a custom size?

Yes, of course. Shape, size, and definition are not limited by the Unilight LED architecture and cutting-edge technology. The only distinction is the price. As a result, Unilight LED always advises its clients to maximize the screen size based on our technical department's advice.

2. Is it possible to see a video on the LED screen?

Yes, of course. LED displays are most commonly used in live video visualization during concerts, sporting events, and television broadcasts (only later did such an advanced technology enter the advertising field too). A monitor with a minimum resolution of 192 × 128 pixels is required. Unilight LED's digital billboards act as large displays. They can display everything on a PC monitor in real-time, from the mouse pointer to a movie streamed from the internet, from desktop icons to a DVD or a live performance.

3. Can changeable message-led signs read GIF pictures?

No. Alphanumerical signs can display text, numbers, and a variety of pre-designed iconography. Some versions have a basic visual editor that allows you to build your personalized icons. A LED screen is the greatest device for displaying static and moving graphics.

4. Is it true that LED has an 11-year lifetime (100.000 hours)?

LED manufacturers claim unequivocally that two basic requirements must be satisfied to ensure a lifetime of 100.000 hours: internal temperature and power intensity. These measurements have varying values depending on the kind of LED; however, as a point of reference, we may say: The internal temperature of the LED must be less than 120 °C (measured in a 25°C environment).

5. Do you need authorization from City Hall to put up a LED billboard?

Most likely, yeah. However, obtaining this license is not difficult in most European and American nations. In most circumstances, merely presenting a plan for constructing the electronic billboard (while considering the environmental impact) is sufficient.

6. How much a huge does an LED screen cost?

The ultimate cost of an LED billboard is determined by two primary factors: The decision (meaning the total number of LEDs present on each square meter). The maximum screen size (meaning the number of square meters needed to create the screen) Because of the significant unpredictability of both aspects based on the customer's demands, determining the cost of an LED maxi screen in advance is difficult. To offer a comparison, depending on the resolution necessary, the PRICE OF EACH SQUARE METER of a maxi screen is included between the cost of a scooter and the cost of a powerful motorbike.

Outdoor Fixed LED Industry Application

Unilight LED lights are increasingly popular for commercial and industrial applications due to their unique qualities. Despite being more expensive than traditional light sources, LEDs are more robust, dependable, and require no maintenance. The most helpful feature is their extended longevity, which may range between 50,000 and 100,000 hours. LEDs, when correctly constructed, can function in all temperate settings and are far more energy-efficient than traditional light sources.

Billboards and Outdoor LED on Motorways

Intelligent Transportation Systems rely heavily on outdoor billboards and LED displays (ITS). Highway exterior displays may be designed to inform, warn, and advise motorists. Unilight LEDs have been approved to meet the criteria of European EN 12966 standards. Unilight LED displays reinforce voice announcements while withstanding brake dust, vandalism, and harsh weather on train stations and bus terminals. Unilight LED specializes in real-time passenger information (RTPI), and customer information systems (CIS) displays for bus and rail networks.

Digital Billboards for Airports

Airports see a high flow of visitors daily. More and more people are becoming aware of digital billboards and ads erected in practically every corner of such airports - including those isolated sector corners! And, no matter how much we act like business executives, we all pause for a moment or two to take in what is around us.

Cool advertisements are exhibited on high-resolution LED panels, for example. Why not employ billboards to engage clients in the airport? Digital billboards are an excellent approach for airports to incorporate marketing into their everyday operations by displaying the correct message at the right time throughout all channels.

LED Displays and Billboards for Shopping Malls

LED sign advertising assists multi-unit shopping and commercial facilities in maintaining optimum occupancy. Our Unilight LED digital shopping mall signage offers the unique capacity of zoning (dividing your sign into distinct message display regions), allowing you to simultaneously display several tenant logos and messages.

Displaying several companies will increase the visibility of the center's retail, restaurants, and entertainment tenants while increasing income. Indoor LED mall digital signage, on the other hand, may show the position of the management or security office, assuring visitor happiness and comfort.

LED Displays for Corporate Offices

Organizations of all sizes in practically all sectors are increasingly embracing our digital LED displays to enhance the encounters of visitors and workers, whether in lobbies, collaboration spaces, museums, or other common spaces.