Perimeter Led Display

Deliver a Front-row Experience with a Perimeter LED Screen.
Engage Your Viewers in Every Way.

Make a spectacular visual statement using our best-in-class, full-color perimeter LED screens. Captivate your audience with rich-color, bright displays to bring them closer.

At UnilightLED, we help you bring your audience closer through our perimeter LED screens. From stadiums to soccer grounds, our perimeter LED displays can recap astonishing, history-making moments and get everyone into the game.

With pixel pitches ranging from 10mm to 16mm, our perimeter LED screens are excellent for creating rich color displays, attracting audience attention, and streaming detail-heavy content without losing quality. They bring everyone closer, no matter how far away they are.

Plus, perimeter LED screens enable advertisers to display ads to thousands of people in one sitting, increasing leads and creating brand awareness in a single shot.

Looking for a perimeter LED display to create vivid visual experiences at the longest viewing distances and bring your audience closer?

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Get into the Details Using Dynamic High Contrast

Darken the blacks, whiten the whites, and tone everything in between with dynamic high contrast.

Dynamic high contrast brightens light colors and tones down black, making your videos and images look sharper, clearer, and sleeker. It can make even the most eye-watering images look incredible, increasing your chances of attracting customers with any photo.

Plus, looking at visual media with a high contrast ratio is easier for users with visual losses. The high contrast allows them to focus on fine details without straining their eyes, helping you generate more leads out of thin air.

Bring the Stage to You with High Pixel Pitch

Enhance visual quality to create an incredible viewing experience. Bring your audience closer than ever.

Pixel pitch determines the clarity of your screen. The higher the pixel pitch, the clearer the screen will be, and the lower the pixel pitch, the lower the clarity. You should place perimeter LED screens with higher pitches (10mm) at least 15 feet away from customers.

Our perimeter LED screens come in 10mm to 14mm pixel pitches, which are great for stadiums, concerts, soccer fields, and promotions. They can be placed anywhere at least 15 feet away from customers.

Create Flicker-free Experiences with a High Refresh Rate

Make images sharper, reduce motion blur, and present movements smoother than crystal.

Visual media is created from thousands of individual still frames shown in milliseconds. The movement of these frames is known as the refresh rate. It determines the visual quality of your content.

Our perimeter LED screens have an integrated refresh rate of 3000+, helping you create impressive displays, soften actions, sharpen small details, tone down jerkiness, and whip up an incredible viewing experience.

Save Time with Easy Installations

Installations are made easy with our lighter-than-light perimeter LED screens.
Thick perimeter LED screens can look clunky and be challenging to mount when you actually get to them. But we can help with that.

Our perimeter LED screens are 30% lighter than traditional displays and can be mounted at whatever angle you like without toppling or needing extra hands and professional expertise. The one-minute assembly installation also cuts installation time in half.

Plus, the perimeter LEDs come with an adjustable viewing angle from 60 to 90˚, making viewing experiences even better.

sport stadium outdoor LED display

Stream Content Rain or Shine

Recap match events and advertisements without hesitation, rain or shine.

Our perimeter LED screens have an IP65 rating, meaning they’re dust- and waterproof. So, they’ll always be on, whether it’s windy or raining buckets. Our screens can stream all day, every day, ensuring you get the least interrupted, always-streaming viewing experience we promise.

Plus, the IP65 rating makes sure your perimeter LED screen will have a long lifespan, no matter how hard you run them. They’re also built to withstand harsh weather like thunderstorms, heavy rain, and extreme windiness.

Industry Applications

Perimeter LEDs in Stadiums

stadium perimeter LED display

Getting the farthest seat at a match is the worst thing that could happen. But perimeter LED screens solve this problem by bringing the stage to the audience. These screens allow audience members to know what players more than a hundred feet away are doing.

Plus, perimeter LED screens act as attention magnets in stadiums. They convey statistics about teams playing on the green, recap incredible, history-making moments, get everyone into the game, and ramp up the drama and tension until fans are more excited than ever.

Brands can also display their offerings, new brand ambassadors, real-time Twitter or Instagram discussions, and recent campaigns on perimeter LED displays. They can catch the attention of audience members by streaming video content, instantly attracting new users.

Moreover, perimeter LED screens can help brands create awareness, describe their products or services, and make the awareness-to-purchase process easy.

Scoreboards in Courts


Perimeter LED screens can be used as digital scoreboards in basketball, football, or volleyball courts — both indoor and outdoor — to convey the latest happenings, catch the attention of their audience, stop people from getting bored, and ramp up the excitement.

They help create an electric atmosphere, allow people to know the latest statistics, present stunning, high-quality visuals to divert people’s attention towards the newest attraction, and stream advertisements.

These displays can also help brands increase consumer awareness, broaden their audience, get new leads, display advertisements, and get their message out there. Perimeter LED screens ensure your brand message will be seen and noted by everyone in the stadium.

Ribbon Boards in Sports Halls

Unilight indoor LED wall billboard

Sports halls are massive, and most people sitting in the back rows (no matter how high up they are) can’t see what their favorite players are doing. Plus, not many people can keep track of every point and score, which is where perimeter LED displays come in handy.

Perimeter LED displays can help audiences in sports halls keep track of every match detail, allow them to watch awe-inspiring moments again, know how their favorite team is doing, and understand the outcome of a match.

They also communicate essential details to audience members in the farthest rows, engage everyone in the audience, spread awareness about rules to follow, and stream advertisements during breaks to keep the audience from being bored.

F G Series


New soft mask desgign,special soft pad design.
Adjustable gradient of cabinet (75°-90°).
Pyrolytic coating technology for cabinet.
Excellent waterproof,dustproof and antitrust features
IP65,high refresh rate assured perfect image.
All-weather working and keep good performance
in any outdoor environment.
Quite lit for indoor and outdoor court applying.


F G Series
unnamed (2)
  1. Pixel
  2. Soft pad
  3. Position ple
  4. Inner side lock
  5. Base
  6. power aeriel socket
  7. Signal aeriel socket
  8. Lock
  9. Holding frame
  10. Bolt
  11. Balancing stand
unnamed (1)

System Diagram

System Diagram

Installation Diagram

Installation Diagram

FG Series

Product Type FG-5
Pixel Pitch5mm
Cabinet Resolution96*96
Cabinet Size960*960*100mm
Pixel ConfigurationSMD1820
Pixel Density40000 pixels/㎡
Cabinet Materialdie-cast aluminum
Cabinet Weightabout 40KG
Visual Leve
View Angle (H/V)H:160 V:140
Refresh Rate>1920 Hz
Power Consumption
Input VoltageAC 110-240,50-60Hz
Power Consumption (M/A)230W/㎡ (710W/㎡)
Work Temperature﹣20℃~+50℃
Storage Temperature﹣35℃~+85℃
Work Humidity10%~95% RH
Blind Rate<0.0003


Accessories Standard configuration
Signal Cableconnection between signal source and screen 1pcs for a whole screen,lenght 100m
Signal Cable between CabinetsSignal connection between cabinets:1pcs for 1 cabinet:length:12m
Main Power cablePower supply for screen from power distributor cabinet:1pcs for 4 cabinets:length:8m
Power Cable between Cabinetspower cable between cabinets:1pcs for 1 cabinet:length:12m
ConnectorFor fixing of cabinets:1.2 times of the cabinet quantity
Sending Card1 sets
Hanging Beam960*1 or 960*2


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