LED Dance Floor Screen

LED Dance Floor Screen

More convenient maintenance

1. Strong versatility both for indoor/ outdoor / floor screen

2. Upgrade the design for module disassembly

3. Don’t need open the back cover and support arc installation by arc fast lock

4. Replace the module directly

5. IP65 waterproof degree can protect the screen from accidentally spilled drinks and rain, and guarantee the activities smoothly.




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1、Products use:

● This technical specification is only applicable to the use  P6.25 floor tile screen.


2、Products in this paper:

● The special effect of floor tile screen in the stage performance has been used fully and vividly, creating an audio-visual feast that is magnificent and modern.
● P6.25LED floor tile screen module luminescent lamp bead mining SMD2727 three-in-one design, which makes LED floor tile screen indoors or outdoors has a very good effect.
● The P6.25LED floor tile screen is designed with a super PC cover, which can reach 1.5 tons.
● LED floor brick screen adopts constant current drive chip and input buffer chip. The link LED control system can display video animation, image text information and other characteristics.


3、Product features introduction:

● Super bright LED lamp bead gold line package and A grade raw material plastic package.
● High-end LED screen special waterproof silica gel.
● PCB adopts exclusive line design.
● The signal line and power line adopt the standard design of the standard.
● LED lamp bead bracket pure copper bracket, red light 12MIL, blue green 13MIL。
● The PC cover is made of anti-slip and the bearing weight is above 2T.
● Realization of human-computer interaction experience (abbreviation: interactive effect)



ItemTechnical Parameter
Pixel Density(dots/㎡)25,60012,544
Pixel Configuration1R1G1B
LED PackagingSMD3535SMD1921
Module Size (mm*mm)250mm*250mm250mm*250mm
Module Resolution40*4028*28
Module Power15W17W
main technical parameterBrightness ( mcd/㎡ )indoor:3000
Scan Model  1/4  1/10
Brightness Greay14Bit
Fresh Frequency≥1920Hz
Horizontal view angle140°
Vertical view angle100°
Cabinet Pixel192*192128*128
Max. Power Consumption / cabinet800W500W
Average Power Consumption / cabinet320W200W
Cabinet Size (mm*mm)500mm * 1000mm500mm * 1000mm
Cabinet Weight (KG)2525
Cabinet Thickness (mm)130mm
Cabinet materialiron / aluminum
Input Voltage (V)AC110V~220V +/-10%
Frame Frequency(Hz)50-60Hz
Protective Gradeindoor: IP65 / outdoor : IP68
Work environmentindoor / outdoor
Life span≥100,000 hours






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