Pole LED advertising Poster

Pole LED advertising Poster

An LED advertising poster screen is a flatscreen display that helps you display-attention grabbing high-contrast brand images, communicate sales and promotions to customers, display original content, and attract customer attention.

If you can’t install a fixed LED screen in your space, an LED advertising poster screen is your best option.

Our LED advertising poster screens are three times brighter than LCDs, have a high-quality display, and are razor-thin. They are also energy efficient and dust- and waterproof, making them durable and low maintenance.

We offer LED advertising poster screens in the following dimensions:

    • Pixel Pitch – 2mm to 3mm
    • Dimensions – 576mm x 1920mm
    • Brightness – 1000CD/m2 to 1500CD/m2
    • Refresh Rate – 3840Hz

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Why LED Advertising Poster Screens?

Our lightweight and portable LED advertising poster screens are excellent for delivering vibrant and colorful content to customers. They are perfect for airports, train or bus stations, bars, hotels, showrooms, exhibitions, shopping malls, conference rooms, etc.

But that’s not all. Our LED advertising poster screens are:


Our LED advertising poster screens have an ultra-thin aluminum frame, a high-precision lightweight cabinet design, an almost invisible bezel, and a 3mm pixel pitch, making them a treat to look at.


You can mount your LED poster screen upright, on a wall, on a ceiling, at an angle, or inside a bus. It’s your choice.


LED advertising poster screens display images that add a pop of color to an indoor space and catch the attention of passersby. They can even help you convert 30 to 40% more customers!


Our LED poster screens are three times more efficient than LCDs, have a higher pixel pitch than most models on the market, and have enough brightness that you can see them during direct sunlight.

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