Outdoor Stage Rental LED Display 768mm*768mm cabinet

Outdoor Stage Rental LED Display 768mm*768mm cabinet

Outdoor rental screens are IP65-rated flatscreens used to display game statistics, bring the audience closer to the stage, reach people in the furthest rows, and communicate brand promotions, advertisements, and product information to the audience.

At Unilight LED, we offer low-maintenance outdoor LED rental screens with a 4mm pixel pitch that can make your visuals pop. Our high-quality displays work rain or shine, can be mounted on walls, poles, or at an angle, and deliver vibrant and colorful content to customers.

We offer outdoor rental screens in the following dimensions:

  • Pixel Pitch – 4mm, 4.8mm, 6mm
  • Cabinet – 768mm x 768mm
  • Brightness – 4,000 – 6,000 nits
  • Refresh Rate – 3840Hz

Wondering how to use outdoor LED screen rentals to interact with your audience? Reach out to us using email, WhatsApp, or Facebook.

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