Ring shape LED Display

Ring shape LED Display

Ring shape LEDs are large, donut-shaped displays. They are used in concerts, clubs, parties, restaurants, weddings, and other events to emphasize details, reduce shadows, evenly illuminate spaces, create color effects, and draw attention to performers.

At Unilight LED, we offer cutting-edge, high-quality, and bright ring shape LEDs you can use during concerts to illuminate performers, at clubs to draw attention to the DJ, and create blue-black or red-green color effects at parties.

We offer ring shape LEDs in the following dimensions:

    • Pixel Pitch – 5.5mm to 10mm
    • Brightness – 700 to 1100 nits
    • Refresh Rate – 420Hz

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Why Ring Shape LEDs?

Ring shape LEDs are perfect for spaces where you need to illuminate areas selectively, such as clubs, parties, and concerts. But they also have other benefits, such as:


You can use ring shape LEDs to create lighting effects to illuminate dancers. You can use them wherever you want.  


Ring shape LEDs have a life span of more than 30 hours, consume about 40% less energy than LCDs, and generate less heat, making them incredibly energy efficient.

Easy Installation

You can mount ring shape LEDs on walls, floors, ceilings, upright, embedded, or flat. Plus, you can install them out of the box!

Zero Maintenance

Unlike pole LEDs or video spheres, ring shape LEDs require little to no maintenance because of their sealed, simple design, sleek edges, and dust-proof surface.

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