Smart LED Advertising Poster

Smart LED Advertising Poster

  • Pixel pitch: 3mm indoor,  2.5mm,    2mm
  • Refresh rate: 3840Hz
  • Brightness: 1000CD/㎡ ~ 1500CD/㎡,3 times brighter than LCD display; 160°view angle
  • Cabinet Size: 576mm*1920mm
  • HD image quality
  • Compare with LCD poster, with high brightness, super thin & low-power consumption


Suitable for shopping malls,airports, stations, canteens, hotel,etc…







1, Ultra Slim & Light Weight  Design

35mm thickness for the screen body
42.8mm thickness with the acrylic cover
74mm thickness for the bottom part built-in PSU and controller

Entire weight less than 35kg per panel

Easily move


2,Plug’IN’ Play Digital Media Player

Zero  configuration

Automatically picture and video format realized

Mulitple devices are easily controlled by cloud system

Switch on the power and it will show the stored HD video or image automatically. All the content can be uploaded by USB or WIFI remote. It is also available to connect a real-time video source by HDMI cable. All you need to do is to choose the best position to place the led poster making it visible for more traffic.




3, Easy Linkable and Split Design

Enable to link together to make one larger display

Normal link 6 signs to get 16:9 picture ratio

Quickly joint together and split


4, Easy Control

Easily control by WIFI/USB/LAN (support PC and smart phone control)

Easy software management

Synchronized / asynchronous system
Plug and play, Cross-platform operation
Real time play by connecting to network;
The screen can be controlled with fixed or portable Windows,
IOS & Android devices.
The content can be refreshed and stored in built-in media player
through WIFI or USB to achieve asynchronous play.


5, Multi-installation Mode

Standard Rolling Stand

Hanging bar available

Fast joint and split lock system





6, Front Service
Magnetic screen modules are serviceable from the front, making on-site repair and maintenance time and labor efficient.

The module is cableless design and with the very good power&signal contact connector to the HUB card.










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