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Create Rich Color Displays with an LED Screen Rental. Increase Awareness and Leads in a Single Shot.

Create eye-popping displays with our full-color LED screen rentals. Whip up an incredible viewing experience that turns heads and keeps them turned.

At UnilightLED, we help you expand your reach through our best-in-class LED screen rentals. From soccer grounds to concerts to bars, our LED video wall rental displays can attract audience attention, create rich-color displays, and mesmerize passersby, no matter how far away.

With sizes ranging from 500 to 768mm, our LED screens are excellent for streaming visuals to thousands of people in one sitting, ramping up the drama and tension and making your audience feel more excited than ever.

Looking for an LED screen rental to create stunning visual experiences and catch the attention of every audience member?

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Make Visuals Pop with True-color Depth

Display visuals at high brightness, high speed, and high contrast without losing quality.

Colors are the lifeblood of your visual media. They ensure it is vibrant and legible, so the more colors you can use to display your videos and images, the more attention you’ll be able to catch.
Plus, colors can enhance the audience experience by making your content more engaging and memorable.

Our 24-bit color LED screen rentals allow you to create mesmerizing visuals perfect for catching and holding your audience’s attention.

Soften Jerkiness with Smoother-than-crystal Visual Quality

Create visual streaming smoother than crystal and bring actions to life.

Moving visuals are created from thousands of still frames sandwiched into a few seconds. The movement of these frames is known as the refresh rate. A high refresh rate gives your screen that buttery quality, while a low refresh rate leads to jerky visuals.

Our LED screen rentals come with a high refresh rate and over 5,000 nits of brightness, allowing you to paint a beautiful picture with every pixel.

Create Visual Spectacles with the Right Pixel Pitch

Experience true-to-life imagery with our high-contrast LED screens.

Pixel pitch determines the clarity of your screen. The lower the pitch (2 to 6mm), the higher the clarity, and the higher the pitch (6 to 10 mm+), the lower the screen quality.

Our LED screen rentals come in pixel pitches ranging from 2mm to 10mm, allowing you to create a gamut of visual spectacles no matter where you place your display.

Stream Content All Day, Every Day

Display true-to-life visuals whenever and wherever you want.

Our LED screen rentals come with at least an IP65 or IP68 rating, meaning they’re dust- and waterproof. So, they’ll work when a tornado’s playing hide-and-seek with buildings and when the sky is crying, ensuring you get the always-streaming viewing experience you desire.

Plus, the weatherproofing qualities of our LED video wall rental screens make sure they can sprint across the highway of life, no matter how hard you push them. They can also withstand accidental coffee spills (or throws), thunderstorms, and heavy rainfall.

Rental LEDs

exported to more than 50 countries and regions

Industry Applications

Entertainment Venues

Our indoor LED video wall rental screens offer a window into an entertainment venue’s offerings, give customers a respite from boredom, show exclusive brand-specific content, and add to the groove happening on the dance stage.

These screens help casinos, bars, and nightclubs create a breath-taking atmosphere that helps them keep the drinks flowing and the party going into midnight.

Unilight led video wall www.unilightled.com


LED screen rentals can bridge the gap between the audience and the players, allowing those in the furthest rows to see and experience the action on the grass. They can also display spirited messages, convey statistics about teams playing on the green, and ramp up the drama.

Our outdoor LED screen rentals can help you display information about players on the field, showcase in-game entertainment, and show brand offerings to catch the attention of audience members.

sport stadium outdoor LED display

Sports Courts

LED screen rentals can help audience members in sports halls know what’s happening every second of the match, allow them to watch astonishing moments again, and know how their favorite team is doing.

Our indoor and outdoor LED displays can be used as digital scoreboards in all sports courts, enabling you to catch your audience's attention through clever visuals, stream advertisements, and ramp up the excitement.

Unilight indoor LED wall billboard www.unilightled.com


Our indoor LED screen rentals can allow you to describe the menu and prices visually, capture the attention of passersby, dynamically portray your brand, and help your customers take less time to place an order.

You can also easily make changes to your menu if needed and keep your customers entertained while they wait for their orders.

Unilight LED Display in Yangon, Myanmar-2


Attending church can be boring when you can’t hear what the priest is saying. But indoor LED screen rentals solve that problem by bringing the stage to you. They can be used to reach parishioners in every bend and corner of the church, creating a riveting experience.

Priests can also use church LED displays to create breathtaking experiences, catch the attention of every congregation member, and spread their message far and wide.


Led screen for stage

Lights, camera, action! The world of stage performances is evolving, and at the forefront of this transformation is the LED Video Wall. It's not just a display; it's a portal to a world of endless possibilities.

Get ready to take your stage performance to the next level, where visuals come alive in ways you've never imagined.




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