Following the Houston Rocket Home Stadium, Unilight completed the LED Display Screen system of the largest gymnasium in Southwest China.

Following the Houston Rocket Home Stadium, Unilight completed the LED Display Screen system of the largest gymnasium in Southwest China.

According to the 13th Five-Year Plan of Sports Industry issued by the State General Administration of Sports, 600 million sports fans have been involved so far, of which 200 million users often watch sports matches and information. In all kinds of sports competitions, visual perception and interactive function are one of the main factors affecting sports enthusiasts’perception of watching games. To a great extent, the LED display resolves the problem of poor visual experience in large stadiums. It can accomplish many tasks such as capturing wonderful moments, real-time synchronization of live broadcasting, and information broadcasting of events, so that the audience can enjoy the visual feast.


After the Olympic Games, Unilight has provided visual system services for Houston Rockets, China Tennis Open 2014-2018, Youth Olympics 2014 and National Games 2013. The latest project – Huaxi LIVE Banan International Sports and Culture Center in Banan District of Chongqing (hereinafter referred to as “Huaxi Sports and Culture Center”), is to achieve the perfect combination of LED Video Wall technology and events, and create a new visual experience of events.

Huaxi Cultural and Sports Center is the first large-scale indoor comprehensive gymnasium in Chongqing, which can accommodate more than 10,000 people. It is also the largest gymnasium in Southwest China. As an upgraded version of “Huaxi LIVE. Wukesong”, Huaxi Sports Center industry model level sports venue operation display and control system is devoted to building by the global audio-visual technology pioneer Liade Group. The whole system consists of three parts: the central “funnel” LED display, the box layer ring LED wall panal and the central control system.


The funnel LED display screen hanging in the center of the venue is divided into five layers. It can display all kinds of text, patterns and video information according to the requirements of the scene. It can also rise and fall according to the viewer’s perspective while satisfying the 360-degree panoramic contest, so as to achieve the best viewing effect.

When the game is going on, the display control system can broadcast live excellent pictures, slow motion replay or close-up shots. At the same time, the display system is also connected with the timing and scoring system of the game and the result processing system of the game. It can customize and expand the output of the game results, technical statistics, the remaining time of the game, the countdown signal of the attack and the relevant information of the players. It can meet the requirements of NBA, CBA, volleyball, badminton, tennis, curling and other competitions.