The Future of Sports Venues: How Perimeter LED Displays are Changing the Game

Ever been to a soccer match and watched player moments streaming on tall, vibrant screens? Those are perimeter LED displays. From displaying game statistics to live-streaming audience reactions, these displays are used for everything in sports venues.

But how do these screens affect the viewing and game experience? Are they actually changing the game? Let’s figure out the answer.

Uses of Perimeter LED Displays
Perimeter LED displays are the center of attention in stadiums. They’re tall, bright, vibrant, and love to tell stories — about players, the audience, or the wider world — to the game audience. They have a million-and-one uses. Wondering what these are? Here we go!

1. Perimeter LEDs in Stadiums
Perimeter LEDs are huge true-color displays used in stadiums to stream match moments and statistics, share product information, market services, and catch audience attention. These displays help sports event organizers bring the stage to the audience, creating an unforgettable experience.

Plus, perimeter displays help brands create awareness and communicate recent developments to thousands of spectators at once, increasing leads and conversions.

2. Scoreboards in Sports Courts
Perimeter LED displays can be used as scoreboards in sports courts. They essentially have the same job as their counterparts in stadiums. They’re just used on a smaller scale.

For instance, digital scoreboards can be used both indoors and outdoors. They can also stream only display game statistics or show full-color visual media. These LEDs help advertisers broaden their audience by creating brand awareness and increasing their leads.

Plus, perimeter LED scoreboards are an excellent way to let audience members sitting too far away also take part in the game.

3. Ribbon Boards in Sports Halls
Ribbon boards are perimeter LEDs that wrap around sports hall playing floors. They stream game statistics, allow audience members to keep track of what their favorite player is doing, and ramp up the excitement.
Plus, they can also be an excellent way to communicate important messages, such as those for non-profit organizations, donations, and even advertisement messages.

How Are Perimeter LEDs Changing the Game?
Perimeter LEDs have been changing the landscape for years. It feels like we’re only catching up. Wondering how they’re doing that? Here are a few insights to keep your mind jogging:

1. They Enhance Audience Participation
Gone are the times when you had to squint to understand what your favorite players were doing on the field. LED screens now bring the details to you, helping you understand exactly what’s going on and making you feel more excited about your favorite team.

For instance, the audience of the FIFA World Cup in 2022 was massive. But only a few thousand were able to see what their favorite players were actually doing. Fortunately, a massive perimeter LED screen helped those in the furthest rows participate in the fun.

2. They Help Those with Accessibility Issues Enjoy Games
LED video walls allow everybody in the audience to enjoy the game. This means that people with accessibility issues like vision, hearing, or physical loss can also participate in the game, which is not something they can often do.

Plus, as perimeter LEDs stream real-time happenings to those in the audience, they convey what’s happening right in the second, ensuring nothing is missed.

3. They Allow Brands to Communicate Messages to Thousands at Once
Perimeter LEDs present an excellent way to bridge the gap between audience ignorance and brand awareness, especially during the breaks when people are feeling bored.

Brands can communicate recent campaigns and talk about brand ambassadors and best-selling products. This can help them increase their leads and conversions, helping them conduct more business.

4. They Enable Audience Members to Understand Exactly What’s Going On
When you’re sitting too far away from the field, the players might seem like tall dolls to you. You may not be able to keep track of every goal and catch. Perimeter LEDs solve that issue by streaming live details to you.
They also make sure that even if you missed the highlights the first time, you’d still know about them within five minutes or during breaks. This ensures you know exactly what’s going on and which team’s winning and which is losing.

5. They Increase Sales
As mentioned, brands can use perimeter LEDs as advertising boards, which can increase their sales. And while they do that, they also keep the audience entertained, effectively killing two birds with one stone.
Plus, the result of the increased sales is increased brand awareness and, thus, consumer spending on the brand’s products, which leads to higher pay for the company’s employees!

The Takeaway
Perimeter LED displays have become a staple of stadiums and sports halls. They pull the field to the audience, open up a world of possibilities for advertisers, and ensure audience members have the most fun they can.
These displays are so efficient at their jobs that they can single-handedly double the income of brands when used strategically while keeping the audience entertained. An extraordinary feat, we must say.