The Impact of LED Screen Wall in the Advertising Universe

The Impact of LED Screen Wall in the Advertising Universe

LED Screen Wall

Advertising universe is going through a rapid change as the technology brings disruption. From the internet to the out of home media, everything is going through a phase of radical revolution.

At this juncture, you as a business house should consider switching over to the digital media and for that you must understand how digital display video walls work in the advertising universe. Let’s look at the market statistics.

Market stats:

The digital display and LED screen wall market was valued at $3 billion in the year 2016 and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17 percent eventually reaching at $ 14 billion by the year 2023. In addition, the technological advancement in the industry is also driving growth. The features such as wireless control, automated display are also acting as the key growth factor.

The market for digital display is growing and before you buy or deploy the technology, you should understand the impact of video marketing because essentially display technology allows you to promote your brand in a more meaningful way. Let’s have a quick look at the importance of video marketing and brand communication.

Video marketing as the best brand communication method:

The study suggests that video marketing would be the most preferred marketing communication by the end of 2020. 70 percent of marketers say that they are going to invest money in video marketing in the near future. 50 percent of the marketers reported that they have witnessed growth after investing money in video marketing.

If you are a business house and want to capitalize on the growing demands for emotional brand communication then you should consider investing on digital display technology, however, before that, you should know how the video marketing works so that you can make the right decision.

The advantage of video marketing:

The first thing is that video marketing is all about telling gripping brand stories through visuals. Undoubtedly, moving images have a direct impact on the subconscious human mind. That means your viewers are going to perceive your message in a better way.

Since video marketing has a better storytelling capability, you would be in a better position to carry out your marketing and brand communication.

That means you can get the best result if you deploy the video marketing strategy. So, ensure that you buy a video wall display. However, you should know what benefit it would bring if you deploy the digital display technology.

The benefits of digital display technology:

Diversified options for better communication: The first thing that you get when you buy digital display video walls is that you have more options to choose from and this would give you the opportunity to communicate more vividly. For instance, you can either by LED video walls or billboards depending upon your needs.

Since these video walls allow your audience to consume content in a better manner because videos stay here on this platform for a relatively longer period than the traditional billboard they are more effective.

Interactive marketing is easier: After the advent of the smart devices people have fallen into a habit of interactive communication, you can capitalize on the growing demand for interactive marketing. You can install an interactive LED screen wall in retail stores and shopping malls for interactive and communication.

Vibrant and vivid marketing communication: Unlike the traditional billboards, the digital display technology is far more vibrant because they come with higher resolution screens. You can deploy the video walls for various events that include fairs, sports fest and much more. You can also use them in your retail store thus giving your audience a better opportunity to communicate with your brand vividly.

Dynamic content strategy: The video walls allow you to manage your content in a more personalized manner. In fact, you can certainly carry out marketing communication in a more target-oriented manner. For instance, you can run different as in the morning and different messages in the noon and completely different message in the evening depending upon your business needs and customer influx.

Better content management: The most important thing that digital display technology offers is that you can upload content easily. You can just upload content through a click. All you need o have is an internet connection, WI-FI and you are good to go.

Maintenance is easy: The digital display technology is quite easy to maintain. You can maintain them by deploying a clean maintenance strategy since they are made to last for a longer period, you can deal with them easily.

What should be your stance: The first thing that you need to do is to look at your needs and demands before you buy LED screen wall for your business. For instance, if you are a retail shop then you should consider buying smaller walls so that you can fit them strategically.

If you are looking for digital display walls for your parking lot then you can also find one. That means you have to be strategic in your approach, undoubtedly, you need to look at your marketing needs for that,

So, ensure that you look at your exact demands and for that, you have to discuss with your marketing team and allocate the right budget amount. After identifying your needs now you should move to find the right manufacture like UNILIGHTLED.

Here are a few tips that might help you in finding the right manufacturer that can offer you the best products and you should follow those points before buying the products.

Tips to find the right manufacturer:

Experience of the manufacturer: You should find a manufacturer that is experienced because an experienced manufacturer can give you the best products, that means you have to find out the track record of the service provider. UNILIGHTLED is one of the manufacturers that are quite experienced and over time, they have developed the art of creating better products.

You can visit their website to find out more about them. They have already finished more than 12, 000 projects, now, that is a staggering number. You should look at the kinds of events that they have finished.

Product offering: You should look at the product offering since digital display technology comes with varied shapes and sizes you have to be strategic in your approach, which means you have to find out the product list and category. For instance, if you are looking for a display for sports fest then you might need a bigger one wherein a display for a retail store might need to be a little smaller.

Undoubtedly, you can find that information it the website. So, ensure that you visit the website.

Quality of the products: You should verify the quality of the products too. They must have a system to consolidate the quality checking process. A company that is good at quality checking process should be your ideal choice. Since digital displays are designed to be placed outdoors, you should consider buying the product that is durable and strong.

If possible find out some reviews and testimonials. You can also talk to the clients to find out how their products perform, in a nutshell, you must find the best quality products.

Support system: Buying the disposal or video wall is not the end game in fact you should also look at the support system. For instance, if you are buying displays in bulk amount then you certainly need a support team that helps you in getting the products installed. In addition, you might face some issues and technical faults as you go in using then and at that juncture, you should also have a support team to do the job for you.

Price: there are is a number of producers operating in the market and each manufacturer has its own products and pricing structure, in fact, it depends upon the quality. That means you need to search for the manufacturer that can offer you products at the best price point. However, you should be able to find a service provider that offers you perfect quality products at the best price range.

It is possible to find the manufacturer that can offer you the best quality products at the right price but for that, you have to search a little longer.

The above-stated points would help you in finding the right manufacturer. However, you should know how to shop the right products. Here are a few quick tips to help you find the right products.

How to find the right products:

Identify your needs: You should always try to understand your needs, for instance, if you are dealing with big events or a billboard company then you should find LED screen wall that is of the highest resolution. Therefore, you should look at your exact demands and specification.

Verify the features: The digital displays come with a number of features, for instance, you can have automated control, Wi-Fi setting and much more. Therefore, it is important to find out about product features. You should also look at product’s other features like how beautifully you can assemble and dismantle them. These features are important for your business operation.

For that, you have to find out the features by looking at the product specification. You call their support system too.

Aesthetics: The LED screen comes with a range of styles, shapes and colors. Therefore, you should consider looking at the products that fit into your business and brand ideology all you have to do is to check out the shapes and sizes. In fact, it must complement your business setting.

Negotiate: If you are buying products in bulk amount then you should negotiate because you have to get the best products at the right price point. Buying bulk would mean having the scope for negotiation and you must learn the art of negotiation.

The above-stated points would help you in finding the right products. However, you should be a little objective in your approach because you still need to invest money on buying their products. Let’s look at a comparison study between traditional billboards and digital LED screen.

Comparison study between traditional billboards and digital display:

• Traditional billboards created out of vinyl can be time taking process because you need to design and mount them, but when you use digital billboard, you eliminate all the above process. All you have to do is buy digital display technology and start promoting your brand

• Digital displays are ready to maintain and do not deteriorate easily wherein traditional billboards can get degraded over a period

• Digital displays are more vibrant than the traditional billboards. Undoubtedly, that can give you better opportunity for brand communication.

• Digital display technology can be a little pricey but then they give better ROI than traditional billboards

The above-stated points are some of the benefits of digital display technology over the traditional display.

Since the world is moving towards digital technology you should consider buying a digital display for your brand. Smart devices have made people fall into the habit of digital technology and that has been translated into all the aspects of life.

That means you are bound to find yourself looking for digital displays sooner or later.

So, ensure that you become strategic in your approach, ensure that you craft a plan and allocate budget for it, you must be able to find out about the various aspects of the technology before buying the products and for that you have to be investigative,

Make sure that you follow the above-noted points to spot the major benefits and after weighing the benefits against the cost, you would be able to get the best products available in the market.

Ensure that you follow all the shopping tips and other important points mentioned above, if you are looking for the best manufacture then you should consider visiting, the company is one of the best and has a lot of experience as far as projects are concerned. It is time to deploy digital display technology and get the best out of your campaign.














installation state of LED

1,Not enough space for installation

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The ultra-light, ultra-thin, uniform color of the smart module significantly reduce the overall screen thickness and the overall screen weight, also save the cost of steel structures for customers, reducing the difficulty of approval, and helping customers create more attractive outdoor led displays. Good heat dissipation design, eliminating cost of air conditioners and reducing the daily electricity cost, is the best outdoor large-screen product to create landmark projects.

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