Unilight High Definition LED Display Helps Airport Informatization Construction

Unilight High Definition LED Display Helps Airport Informatization Construction

With the continuous development and maturity of LED technology, the LED display screen has gradually become the “permanent staff” of major airports with its seamless splicing, high brightness, digitization and other characteristics. It provides a strong technical guarantee for the efficient and stable operation of each airport from the display of road signs, flight information to commercial advertisements.

As one of the four major airports in Northeast China, Dalian International Airport carries tens of millions of passengers every year. The Dalian International Airport has adopted Unilight commercial display screen with a total area of 125 square meters. Its high brightness, high refresh rate, high resolution, high color restoration and other technical characteristics can meet the needs of high-definition display of fast rolling information on the airport screen. At the same time, Unilight LED display panel uses die-cast aluminum box, which has the characteristics of high precision, ultra-thin, high efficiency heat dissipation, and with the advantages of system backup, flexible installation and maintenance, it provides a guarantee for the stable operation and convenient maintenance of the large screen of the airport.

Unilight LED display has been widely used in many airports around the world and traffic command centers all over the country. In the future, Unilight will continue to innovate, create more perfect and professional LED display solutions to serve in the field of intelligent transportation, and further accelerate the construction of transportation information network.






installation state of LED

1,Not enough space for installation

2,High cost for installation frame

3,Difficult for maintenance


The ultra-light, ultra-thin, uniform color of the smart module significantly reduce the overall screen thickness and the overall screen weight, also save the cost of steel structures for customers, reducing the difficulty of approval, and helping customers create more attractive outdoor led displays. Good heat dissipation design, eliminating cost of air conditioners and reducing the daily electricity cost, is the best outdoor large-screen product to create landmark projects.

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